April 07, 2008

Matchy-matchy Slippers

My bedroom slippers had holes on the heels due to the funny way I walk and put my weight on. Since our apartment's living area isn't carpeted, it's very cold walking barefoot on the wooden floors. Kmart was having a buy-one-get-one-at-half-price for slippers, so hubby and I thought we'd get matching slippers this time. Altogether now, awwwww .... :p

Simpsons Slippers

I just had to get the Big Kahuna (half-nekkid Homer) *wink wink*.


L B said...

Interesting! Buy one get the other half price? So you could have just opted for one slipper? LOL!! Great for a one legged person! Even better, buy two, and you could get one free! Wheee, three legged people, rejoice! :-)

L B said...

Ok, I think I was dizzy when I commented earlier..

Jemima said...



littleComma said...

i'm so envious ! must go get matching slippers for ivan, jef and i now .. :P

pb said...

aww... so cute! and comfy looking too.

kyels said...

Matching is good and the half-naked Homer; are you thinking what I'm thinking?


Trinity said...

I am a matching freak woman.. hehehe.. like them all!

Tine said...

LB: Hehehe, hmm ... now how many three-legged races can Tim and I have around the house lah? ;)

Jemima: D'oh! :p

Littlecomma: Oh my, that would be so cute! Aww Ivan will have such a ball looking at his slippers which matches Mummy's and Daddy's ;)

PB: Oh it is comfy. My Kahuna anyway ;)

Kyels: Err ... what you thinking? :P

Trinity: Aww thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... so romantic leh... =p