April 20, 2008

Most Expensive Steak Ever

We went to Rockpool Bar and Grill for dinner last night. As it was a very popular restaurant, we could only make reservations for dinner at 10pm. And I had what is the most EXPENSIVE piece of steak I have ever. EVER.

AUD110 for a 220g Wagyu fillet steak.

Absolutely succulent piece of cow EVER! No sauce was needed with it; it was just the meat. Sweet. I'm trying to hold it all in, avoiding the loo just to make it all worth the money. I think you know what I mean. We left the restaurant at 12.30am. It was definitely the latest I've ever had dinner.

Hello instant noodles for the next few months. But bloody hell, it was absolutely worth it.


L B said...

That is expensive!! And to think I only had a McBacon yesterday! At least I don't have to think about instant noodles for awhile!

Jemima said...

Alternative diet for instant noodles: plain porridge with salt every other day. :p

Mirebella said...

I would still go to Meat & Wine tho..hehhehehe. Toast and baked beans instead ;)

parisb said...

*does quick mental math* WHOA!! :O

geekchic said...

Eh you go crown so atas of course ler :P well, if it's good...heheh, I might try also

Kamigoroshi said...

Gah, everyone's having it except me...and I'm a food person as well. Still...that much for something like that. It's got to be mindblowing alright.

Not that I can afford it now as well seeing I'm back from my own vacation. :)

Tine said...

Hehe. You know, I'm so craving for a McBacon right now. I've never tried one, but I can imagine the succulent, greasy meat :p

Ah yes, I forgot about the plain porridge with salt. Better for our hair. Hehe.

Hehe. Don't know if I can justify the price, but yum yum!

You said it, girl.

Not all the steaks are that expensive. You can get a very good piece of steak there for AUD35. It was just me that I really wanted to try out the Wagyu.

Oh if you're a foodie, you'll fork out the money.

I think.


kyels said...

It depends on how expensive the food is ... If it's okay then I'll pay for it or when I've the mood.


PabloPabla said...

Congrats! You have probably reached the pinnacle of steak eating - Wagyu! If you could afford a bit more, can try the authentic Kobe Beef. Those farmers actually massage the cow and give it beer!

Mrs Top Monkey said...

LOL "avoiding the loo to make it all worth the money" That bit made me laugh out loud at my lappie.