April 02, 2008


Update (10.11pm): The other hi fin has also passed on. I have a strong feeling we bought a sickly batch of hi fin swordtails. It was a difficult moment, trying to determine if the lil' fella was still alive because there was a lot of spontaneous jerky movements. My guppies and zebra danios are still kickin' it well, so it's not the water. Gah.

One of my "babies" bit the dust today. Only after four days in her new home.

The pregnant one.



L B said...

Awwww.... sad when that happens.. but keeping fish healthy and happy is no play play wan either.. :-)

Jemima said...

*hugs Tine*

Trinity said...

:-(( poor fish... *hugs Tine too*

Trinity said...

but smile!! You got chup today.. *grin*

kyels said...


PabloPabla said...

Sorry to hear that. I hate to tell you this but the fishes you are rearing have short lifespans. More often than not, they are sold when they have reached adulthood. If you prefer a longer lasting "relationship" with your fishes, choose those from the cichlid family like Oscars (very hardy), african cichlids, Discus (this is for advanced pet keepers) or Geophagus. One thing to bear in mind is that they are usually territorial and do not get along with other tankmates unless your tank is big and provides good hiding places.

Mrs Top Monkey said...

Poor fishy poo. *sniffles*

Tine said...

LB: Ha? You'd want them dead so early meh? :O

Jemima: Thanks my dear *hugs back*

Trinity: Oh well, another one bites the dust *hugs Trinity*

Kyels: HUGS! :P

Pablo: You're right. Should have remembered that I'm having adult fishes :(

Mrs Top Monkey: Hehe fishy poo. I have a LOT of that at the bottom of the tank :P