April 21, 2008

Me Knitted Scarf

Is it sad that I know how to knit? If not, then what is sad (or sadder) is that I only know how to knit scarves. I have no idea how to knit anything else. Quite frankly, I don't have the patience to. A college lecturer taught my friend and I to knit during one of our Moral Education lessons. We started off with a scarf. Do you know how long it took me to knit that bloody scarf?

FIVE months. With many holes to boast too.

I brought that scarf with me to the UK, but I never did wear it because I was afraid I'd dirty it. It took me five months to make it, dammit. So, it stayed in the cupboard for 3 years before I brought it back to Malaysia.

Fast forward 10 years, and I still only know how to knit a scarf. BUT, behold a whole new record.

Knitted Scarf

Six days.

This is what happens when you have way too much time in your hands. Still, it'd be great for those winter-y days and nights.

Hmm ... what colour should I do next?


beetrice said...

.........purple.........?? (I'm surprised that colour didn't go first! *LOL*)

ParisB said...

LOL *snap!* I can knit (used to be able to but not sure if I still remember how) and all I can do is a scarf too! Actually, all I made was a hairband (no patience to do the whole scarf thing) And thats a lovely colour you got there! Um... blue next?

Jemima said...

Next? A colour that goes well with your winter jacket/wardrobe. :p

If it's any consolation, I don't knit but I can do fabulous cross-stitch. :D

L B said...

omg, we have machines here that......oh nevermind! LOL!! Your speed is improving! :-) By quantum leaps..

constant drama said...

Eh cantik lah the scarf you knitted.

pelf said...

Aww.. Coincidently, Mum's knitting me a scarf too, and one that looks similar to yours, only different colours :D

may said...

hey, winter's coming -- who knows, if you're able to knit a few more, you just might make a buck or two at your local community market! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am sooo proud of u :)
I have no patience and reasons to knit now. Am sure our teacher will be proud that at least one of us make it into good use after these years :)


kyels said...

Nice scarf!


Trinity said...

I love the color, Tine.. well done.. I don't know how to do that and probably will not do that forever.. hahaha.. my mom and sis can knit..but me? NO!

giddy tigress said...

Well, at least you *can* knit! I can't even knit, and I want to learn how to so badly! Will you teach me? Please??

Tine said...

Well, it's actually pink and purple yarn, so I had a bit of purple there. Anyways pink go better with the clothes I have compared to purple :p

Oooh hairband ... I should give that a go. That should be a LOT quicker than a scarf. Project!

Oooh do show us some of the cross stitch you made! I can cross-stitch too, but that takes a little longer.

My winter wardrobe have been the same since winter 2004. Sad, right?

Ahh you can't beat "perfection" with holes ;)

Constant Drama:
Aww thanks hon. I just hid the areas with the holes so you can't see :P

Aww for your trip to the US? Sweet!!

Wahh ... cannot lah. Tak sampai hati to sell my hole-y stuff. Hehe :p


I can't beat you lah. You are like, #1 when it comes to knitting. That sweater you knitted? Bloody hell :p

Thanks :)

Mrs Top Monkey said...

Wah... I'm impressed! I think PB taught me to knit (don't ask me why) and yes, all I can do is a hairband too.

Love the colour of your scarf.