April 23, 2008

Meeting The Geekchic

After all the emails and text messages to and fro, the Geekchic and I finally made plans to meet up at South Yarra for coffee today. I had no idea what to expect; she was really friendly over the messages, but who knows what she's like in real life. You know what I mean?

I was absolutely delighted that she's equally (if not more) lovely in person.

We actually arranged to meet up at around 5pm today. Since I arrived early and had time to kill, I thought I'd take a stroll along Chapel St and browse the shops first. It was such a coincidence that we bumped into each other in the Bloom store she told me about!

Now I've never met Geekchic before, but as we had over an hour of coffee and cake, we started chatting about anything and everything like we've been friends for years. Talked about shopping (oh we are such shopping addicts!), makeup, perfume, work, life, etc. Suffice to say, I had such a great time with her. Another coffee session soon, yeah?

So yay for me, I've made another friend here *big grin*.


zewt said...

they have asked to go for medical... :)

hope everything is go ahead soon.

L B said...

Isn't it wonderful (and scary) how easily we make (and meet) friends from Blogging? :-) Way to go, you!

Jemima said...

You should contact Ian. He's a very nice & friendly young man. I'm sure you & Tim can get along with him.

geekchic said...

Awww... that's so sweet of you. You should be upfront and honest and tell your readers that I bribed you with a paperbag of stuff to say that :P

Thank you so much for the lovely gift. It's got a permanent place at my corner of the couch. Now I don't have to get off my fat (wide) ass to get moisturizers after I shower! And, I can smell so pretty too! *preens*

Yes, definitely to more sessions! We should do shopping next!!! :D

Jemima: Do you mean Ian Liew? I've known him since, goodness knows when! We stay barely 50m from each other in Ipoh and his folks and mine are pretty good friends too. He's REALLY busy with work currently and I've been trying to make an appointment to meet up with him for dinner :P And, yes, he's a very very nice guy.

Jemima said...

Geekchic: Yup, the one & only Ian Liew. ;)
I first met him in Melbourne in 2006 & we've been in touch ever since.
He's been a wonderful friend/bro to me. :)
The moment his project finishes, ask him out. The guy really needs a break.

Trinity said...

Wah you guys sound have a great time, both in real life and in this comment section.. hahaha

I agree with LB, it's rather scary to meet someone we know so well in blogsphere! I met 3 bloggers so far and I didn't feel nervous meeting them, but... recently, I feel so nervous to imagine if someday I visit Malaysia and meet you all... if.. if... hm.. brrrrr... I think that's bcoz you all seem know each other and met each other often, and I am just a newbie.. feel like can't catch up with you.. haha

kyels said...

It's always amazing to find friends online and meet them in reality thereafter. I've met a few friends through blogging and suffice to say they're great people. There's one here; Jemima! I haven't met her for real (yet) but she has been a great pal. For sure.


I guess meeting people from the virtual world has its own pros and cons. If you're lucky you'll end up meeting someone nice and friendly.

Tine said...

That's great! So when you coming over? A coffee session with you and Jules, yeah? :)

I know! First Paris, now Geekchic. Hey when you coming over too? :D

Oh yeah. He's been pretty helpful when I was asking him about migration issues. I'll do just that. Thanks!

Yes, shopping please!! Hehehe. Glad you like the body creme. I'm SO getting myself one too.

It's kinda like meeting a penpal, isn't it? Excited, a tad apprehensive, but still happy 'cos you finally get to meet up!

Yeah, me too. I think the person whom I really want to meet up with is Jemima. She's such a lovely girl :)

jo said...

how so weird. two bloggers end up in same area. (well from same area to beginning w/ ?) feels just like movie