March 30, 2009

Just Because

The doorbell buzzed.

Him: Baby, go answer the door.

Me: You go answer the door lah.

Him: Aiyah, you go answer the door lah.

I left the apartment, muttering under my breath on how difficult was it for him to answer the door and all that, and went to the main door.

Lady: Hi, are you Tine?

Me: Yep that's me.

Lady: (handing me a big and long box with a green ribbon tied around it, and the words Roses Only printed at the top) Here you go, you lucky girl.

Roses Only March 09

Roses Only Logo

Roses Only Yellow Roses

Roses Only with Lindt Chocolates

The hubs surprised me with 18 long-stemmed yellow roses! It also came with a box of Lindt choccies. It was such a lovely surprise. The yellow roses were just about to bloom its best, and the colour was simply vibrant. I asked him what the occasion was, and he uttered one word.

"Saja" (just because).

Oooops. I take back all that I muttered under my breath :P


Evelyn said...

So sweet! Open more doors for more suprises?!

beetrice said...

dangg!! hehe...when you have your own place next time, 'saja' surprise him at the door wearing the *unlace unlace*...*wink*

jemima said...

Tim knows that every woman loves to receive flowers..for no reasons. ;)

geekchic said...

beetrice, can do that now oso mar. just send the housemate away la :P

littleComma said...

This is so sweet, Tine ! :) Lucky you... *huggss*

MC said...

Awwww.....he's a sweetheart!

Lingzie said...

awwwwww!! the saja flowers/chocs/gifts are the best-est!!! so sweet of him!! :)

Eric Liu said...

Nice to know that Tim can be a romantic once in a while...hehe

suanlynn said...

you lucky gal :)