November 24, 2006

Another Week, (Almost) Another Month

So the weekend's almost here. Yay! Time sure flies, huh?

It's been a tiring week, emotionally and financially speaking. I won't go about the emotional bits; suffice to say I'm glad the week's over. As for the finances ... I just paid almost RM3000 worth of bills yesterday. Two credit card bills and the monthly car loan thing. I've been having a lot of troubled thoughts on how badly I'm handling my finances. I'm going to have to go on a tighter budget next year, to sort everything out and, most importantly, to replenish the 'bucket'. This means that I won't be able to touch the end-of-the-year bonus at all. Okay, maybe just a tad, a couple of hundreds, and then the rest will have to go into the 'untouchable' account.

sad, huh? This happens every end of the month. Sigh.


TrueBluePenangite said...

I know how you feel girl, I just got my paycheck yesterday and most of it is gone to credit card bill and rent and untouchable savings account. I felt kinda depressed after that because the leftover fun money is so little. It's my bad though coz Christmas is coming and I charged everything to my card.

Tine said...

OMG, I haven't even gotten to shopping for Chrismas pressies yet. Damnit. There ya go, gotta charge it to my card again. Sigh :-(