November 21, 2006

I Love Coach

As Christmas is approaching (and I'm still on a damn diet), I've decided to post a dreamlist (I call it a dreamlist because the items are too bloody expensive for ANYONE to buy. Well, anyone earning peanuts such as I, anyway), in hopes that these items will drop down from the sky for me. I shall update this dreamlist every now and then, because being a girl, we can never have too many things ;-) It'd also be an introduction to the brands and items I fancy. Yep, still in the vain phase, in conjunction of my diet.

I love Coach. My aunt (mum's sister) introduced us to Coach a decade ago, when she bought my mum a Coach bag from the US back then. Didn't know the brand at that time; to me, I thought Esprit was hip then (what was I thinking?!). When Mum went to the States a couple of years ago, she bought me a lovely Coach leather shoulder bag. It's discreetly labeled, so nobody knew it was a Coach. I wasn't bothered to tell anyone anyway. Anyways, my love of the brand started then. My aunt would bring back catalogues everytime she came back to Malaysia on a holiday, and I'd ooh and ahh over 'em. Mum has quite a lot of Coach bags, much to my envy. Cousin Bea has a cute demi (Poppy collection), which my uncle got her during one of his trips to the US.

Coach is RIDICULOUSLY overpriced in Japan. It's a covetted brand, but it's got to be their signature monogrammed bags. The Japs LOVE it when the brand is proudly displayed on the outside for all to see (and you call me shallow?) Okay, maybe I shouldn't stereotype ALL Japanese ... nope, sorry, can't do it. They love it. You probably won't see people QUEUING UP to buy Coach anywhere else in the world.

To date, I have three bags from Coach. One given to me by Mum, one by my cousin Geri (lovely black clutch; perfect for clubbing), and a fake travel duffle I bought in Bangkok for 199 baht. I'd love to get more, but till the day I start crapping money, the fakes are all I can afford for now, because I really cannot imagine spending almost a month's pay on a bag. Okay. Maybe just ONE more. It's cheaper in the US, y'know?

Temptations, temptations.

Babes, these are NOT hints, but feel free to indulge me if you please *wink*


beetrice said...

wah, so blatant the *hints* one..haha..yes, I'm the one with the COACH!

heehee..nevermind la, we go back BKK and get some more fakes clutch works FAB as a wallet..*wink*

Tine said...

Hehehe ... well, never try, never know, right? ;-)

Anyhoos, yeah, but the fakes are ... too fake lah. Very the obvious :-P But then again, for 199baht, cannot complain lah, right?

Timodee said...

Hey babes,
erm...not really picking up the hints...could you clarify? ^_^
well...i'll have to start doing abit more on-call in the meantime...have a browse of the catalogue (and we'll see later)

Tine said...

Drats, next time, have to be brutally honest :-P

Tee hee hee, I just might ;-)

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