November 22, 2006

Crocs? Just A Load of Crock

Yesterday evening, as I was walking to the car park after work, I saw this guy wearing the company uniform shirt, shiny black trousers ... and a pair of BRIGHT YELLOW CROCS.

As an advocate of shoes (and bags), I'd have to say, the Crocs has to be the UGLIEST pair of shoes ever designed. Please don't even tell me that it's all comfortable and shit, when you look like a duck in 'em. And wearing them to work?

Can someone say fashion faux pas?!


Timodee said...

i think these crocks are meant for anaesthetists la...with their lovely colourful bandenas...hehe
but i agree...not to be worn outside surgical theatres...hehe

Tine said...

No leh, it's VERY popular here, among ... almost everyone! Why oh why? *faint*

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there's a LOSER guy that just started working at my place that where's these - in bright yellow too! In fact, I wanted to show someone how ugly they are, and found your site...