November 08, 2006

Sick. Again

Can't believe I'm sick again. Took a day off yesterday to see the doctor and rest. Boy, the doc sure gave me strong meds, because I was seriously knocked out for the entire day after taking 'em. I took a peek at my medical card (y'know, where they scribble in intelligible handwriting about what's wrong with you?); the last time I went to the doc's was October 2005!

Sigh. The problem with me is that I hate going to the doctor when something's wrong with me (which is kinda ironic, since I'm dating one). Absolutely hate it. I'm not keen on them sticking things down my throat (without a dinner and a movie first), probing me with cold metallic thingies (ouch!), and THEN tell me that there's nothing wrong with me except for a common cold. "No fever? Sorry, no MC for you". I'm like, WTF?! Do I look like I'm fit to work to you, with my runny nose, red eyes, achy body, chills and all that? Geez. And don't get me started on period cramps and such.

Oh well. Having said that, I guess this must be a yearly thing, eh? Does that mean I'll get the same thing again next year?

Touch wood!

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charmedcookie said...

it's not ironic, it's opposites attract.