August 16, 2007

Blog Theme (Somewhat) Updated

I've been so engrossed in tweaking the theme and layout of my beauty blog, that I've completely forgotten my first (blog) love. I realised that I haven't been changing my header picture on this site for quite some time now (I used to change it every three months), and that I haven't even updated my blogroll! My bad, folks.

Anyways, I've finally given this blog a new header; it's the same layout, as I always prefer a lot of white space (makes for easy reading) and lots of flowers. However, this time, I've changed the theme a little; I've added musical instruments as well. This also reflects another passion in my life - music. I actually have another blog in mind (oh no, not another one!) just on music, but we'll see how that goes, eh? Right now, I have more than enough to keep me very occupied :p

I've also updated my blogroll to add my regular blog-reads. There are actually a lot more blogs which I read daily (I've got a hundred feeds in my RSS reader), since I can't put ALL of them in, I'll just put my favourite local reads. For those who have linked me, thanks very much for your support :)

Stay tuned for more Oh for the love of me!



Jemima said...

I can see more blogs coming already.. eg., when you're pregnant.. you're gonna start a baby blog. :p

zewt said...

another blog? wow!!! i think handling one is headache enough.

Anonymous said...


the honour's all mine to be linked ;)

i'm guilty of that too. I have the photoshop skills of my dog. in fact, she might be even better at it than me so I can't be arsed to change my header pic. But, i am usually pretty dilligent in updating my blogroll.

Blogs are good.

The current political climate does not allow us to speak and being normal human beings, we need an avenue. :)

Jo said...

where do u get your header images from?

Tine said...

Jemima: Nah, I'll just use the wedding one, and change it to a baby one :p

Zewt: Hehe, still KIV-ing. Wanna make it my cash cow :p Chances are no lah, 'cos it's difficult juggling three already.

Geekchic: Yeah, tell me about it. I can't be arsed to write about politics, because I'm clearly not interested in it, so I write about anything else under the sun that irritates the bugger outta me :p

I'm still playing around with Photoshop. It's a lot of fun (and hard work) once you get the hang of it. My next project will learning Adobe Illustrator. Heard that one's way more challenging.

Jo: I took 'em from Great photos :)

Leishia J said...

thanks for the link tine, i'm really honored! i had u linked up earlier too!

hows ur wedding prep going on? no updates? :)

littleComma said...

wow ... I got linked from Oh For the love of me ! :)

Didn't know baby talk will also interest you. Thanks yea ..

Tine said...

Leisha: Thanks!! :D

Not much to update for now. Definitely more to talk about as the ROM and bridal photography session draws near :p

Little Comma: Your boy has me in stitches with his little stints on wanting to "help" you out. I love it!! :p

zewt said...

yeah... i wanna make mine a cash cow too... and use a new one for personal entries. sigh...

Tine said...

Zewt: Yeah, tell me about it. Really difficult to not wanna make a quick buck outta this. I mean, look at the rest. See all the $$$ flowing in ... sigh ...

Still, I'm keeping this one completely ad-free :)

Tine said...

Zewt: Why not get your own domain, hop on to Wordpress and do your personal writing there? You can turn your current Blogspot into a cash cow since your PR's already high enough to rake in the moolah :p

Just a suggestion ;)