August 22, 2007

Random Ramblings of the Day

Here's another round of random thoughts and rants as I'm currently just too busy to come up with a proper subject-specific post.

Another fatal bus accident. Another blacklisted bus and driver. Holy smokes, how is it that after the first one, bus companies and the police do not check the buses?? It's exactly as Zewt predicted, if not a week early; it's just another forgotten accident. Seriously, I smell a lot of hanky-panky going on here, and not the good kind.


Thank goodness the Gwen Stefani concert wasn't canceled. So people, did any of you who went to the concert commit sins? :p


Equatorial Hotel just sent me their wedding invitation cards (given free of charge with the package), and they are UBER ugly. I mean, god-awful, pukingly orange ... crap. Argh. Will blog a proper one on that later. Still, there goes my hope on saving money on invitation cards.


I normally do not like to blog about people at my workplace, but really, some people are driving me nuts, and not in a good way. Undermining my authority as a senior, and being disrespectful. Just because I'm nice, my head gets climbed over. Gah.


The weather's driving me nuts. Gosh, I seem to always talk about the weather when I do these rambling bits, don't I? But it does. It's gloomy, and a tad chilly in the mornings, and you'd think that a storm's a-brewing due to the thick and heavy clouds looming. Closer to lunchtime, the sky's perfectly blue and devoid of clouds, and is bloody HOT. Just hope I don't fall sick. I tend to, when the weather's wonky, and I get heaty.


Still haven't packed for my weekend in KL. Lots to do, lots to do. On the bright side, I'm taking the whole of next week off to settle some wedding stuff and also to bring Tim around Penang. Yay!


T-minus two days till he's home.


littleComma said...

:) I can imagine the invitation cards and that is one of the reasons why I had to do my own cards last time.

zewt said...

based on the current response of some of my current entries... i can tell that we malaysians is not in a forgetting trend... we just want new things to read... new things to talk about.