August 19, 2007

Is Age Doing Me In?

I can't remember a more relaxing weekend. I actually stayed away from my laptop as long as I could, and caught up on my reading.

This weekend, I've probably read over 500 pages worth. That was probably a doozy for me when I was *gulp* younger, but now, with work commitments, blogging and all that, my books have, unfortunately, been shoved to the back of my mind. I used to finish a book a day, and now I can't even do one in a week. Sad, huh?

That's how life can be. When so many things pile on, when responsibilities, obligations and commitments take first place, what you used to enjoy doing becomes insignificant, and no longer excite you and bring you joy as it did before.

I've stopped listening to the radio; instead I hit the telly. I don't actually watch anything in particular; I just want the sound on. I've stopped reading my beloved books in favour of the hundreds of blogs I read a day. I can't be arsed to do anything productive when I'm home from work, because I'm simply too tired to.

Little by little, age creeps in. And who have I to blame but myself?

So, as a change, I'm going back to my reading (bought a book from Borders, and am totally engrossed in it), and staying away from the computer as much as I can. I turned off the telly in favour of LiteFM, and a bit of jazz playing from my notebook (and no, I'm not in front of it).

Got to take control of age before it takes control of me.

And I'm not even talking about Botox.


littleComma said...

I know how you feel .. cos it's exactly the same here. Later on when you are married with a child, trust me, it will be worse. Your 'me' time will be lesser and lesser and you will even consider having ur eyebrows done up so that you can have more time sleeping rather than drawing eyebrows in the morning. :)

Kamigoroshi said...

If that makes you feel old, I must be ancient because that's what I used to do as a kid.

I still that do that now...just with some oldies in the background and me curled up with a book if I have the time. :)

pelf said...

So darn true. I used to spend hours catching up on a book. I sometimes skipped my meals because I was too obsessed with finishing the book.

But these days.. *sigh*

zewt said...

you're wayyyyy to young to let age have the better of you Tine.

Tine said...

Little Comma: Gosh, I can't imagine what it's ging to be like when I have kids. Bye bye me time. That's why, we're NOT having kids for the next couple of years. If it comes, it comes. Till then, I wanna enjoy as much me time, and together time as much as possible :)

Oh, and for the eyebrows, may just do the embroidery thingy after all. Saves a heck lotta time, eh? :P

Kamigoroshi: Hehehe, I used to do all that as a kid too. Man, we were "old" kids :p

Pelf: I don't think I'd skip meals, but skip sleep, definitely :p

Zewt: Sigh, what to do lah? Old ady :(

Adino said...

Other than not having time, there just aren't that many good books nowadays (I mean fiction). Many books are 'clones' of bestsellers, or have very predictable plots, and just a waste of time.

Tine said...

Adino: That's sadly true. When Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and the rest came out, so many other authors came up with similar plots, and frankly speaking, they're boring. Old news.

endroo G said...

guilty guilty guilty of every single one that you mentioned. except that i dont really read many blogs except for a few. and i still listen to the radio but it's been Light N Easy more often that not.