August 03, 2007

Happy Casual Fridays!

So casual Friday's doing quite all right. Many people still wore their uniform to work though. I reckon they just weren't used to it. I felt a bit odd too, wearing jeans and a tee to work rather than my usual work garb. It felt as though it was my last day of work (yeah, I wish).

For those who didn't wear a uniform, well, it seemed like a fashion show than anything else.

"Wahh you wear so nice"

"Wahh so matching ah, your outfit and your bag"

"Wahh, you see that person, look so different!"

"Wahhh, you also wear jeans ah? Me too!"

"Aiya, how come you didn't wear mini skirt?" o_0

See, this is what happens when you introduce something radical at work. Tee hee hee.

I'd have to say, it sure was fun wearing my own thang to work. I'm going to suggest a colour coordination thingy with my colleagues for next Friday. At least it's something different, and something to look forward to, other than an end to a yet another mundane week.

Have a good weekend, folks.

PS: I'm going for my first bridal fitting today. Excited!!


zewt said...

oh... someone is getting married eh? congrats!

Adino said...

Have fun at your bridal fitting! :) And congrats!

Tine said...

Zewt and Adino: Thanks :p You can check us out at :p

Saryn said...

Ooh~ I hope your fitting went well. Congratulations!

Leishia J said...

hey there! congrats! so exciting! the whole wedding planning thing :D

i've got a few bridal mags (plus a folder full of ... wedding stuff lol), so if u need references, dun be shy. gotta pass on the baton man!

owh yeah, do check out too if u havent know it yet. loads of great ideas there! ;)

have fun!

lingzie said...

hey congrats!! must be exciting...gonna go over and kaypoh at your other site now...heeheehee...
if you're looking for wedding photographers, check out a friend of mine -

Tine said...

Saryn: Yep, all went well, thanks :)

Leisha: Ooooh, thanks, very much appreciate any help and advice you can dish out.

Thanks for the site. I checked it out, and I loved all their suggestions, especially the DIY projects. Gave me a lot of suggestions on how to do my wedding programme and favours :)

Lingzie: Thanks :) Yeah, go kaypo kaypo :P

Thanks for the suggestion. I shall check it out.