August 10, 2007

CSI And Wedding Planning Are Driving Me Nuts

Ahhh the weekend beckons. I'm so glad for it. I definitely need some time to unwind and relax. Away from the office (bliss ...), away from all the wedding planning, away from everything else.

I've had little sleep of late. Well, for the first few days, it was due to my CSI Las Vegas Season 7 marathon, which, by the way, was really good (dark stuff, this one), until the very last episode. Kept me in bloody suspense for days, and what greeted me in the end were three very ugly words - "TO BE CONTINUED". Argh!!

The wedding planning's also been taking a bit of a toll on me. All the stress, etc, happens when you decide to take everything upon yourself to do. It's the perfectionist gene I got from Mum. Sigh. Also, it doesn't help when the family wants all things grand and classy for the wedding, when all the while they've forgotten about one very important factor - MONEY. There's only so much monkeys I can come up with with the peanuts I have. Double sigh.

Okay, okay, enough of all that self-pity nonsense. No room for all that rubbish on a Friday eh? ;)

It's going to be quite an eventful weekend for me. I'm a-gonna watch a movie with my colleagues tomorrow (Rush Hour 3 - not really my thang to watch in the cinema, but I just have to get out of the house), and on Sunday, I'm going to collect my dress for ROM. Woohoo!

So what's your weekend going to be like? Don't do anything I wouldn't do now. But then again, I have no life, so go crazy. Tee hee hee! :p

Have a good one, folks.


Adino said...

CSI season 7 was so interesting with the miniature killer plot. I can't wait for season 8. As for the stress and all, don't worry. Things will fall into place. Just delegate the details to others and relax.

Having said this... I couldn't sleep the night before the wedding because I was so worried about the details!

littleComma said...

Hey .. another CSI diehard fan! And congrates Tine. Can't wait to c ur ROM pics

lingzie said...

totally loved CSI 7 (didnt get to see the whole thing cos i wachted it on axn and missed quite a few episodes...)
and yeah like adino says things will fall into place, so go have a fun weekend. sometimes when we plan too much, we expect too much and sometimes the best things happen impromptu...! :)