August 07, 2007

Good Lil' Christian Teacher's Pet

Teacher's pet.

Back in my school days (and even now), those are two foul words which you wished you'd never hear about you. Didn't you just hate teacher's pets? Brown-nosers, apple-polishers, bootlickers, I can think of many more not-so-pleasant phrases with the same meaning. Of course, kids these days don't bring apples to offer to the teachers anymore; regardless, there are always ways to get into a teacher's good graces.

Teacher's Pet

Woe betide you if you were a teacher's pet. You'd be mocked by your peers and laughed at by the very teacher whose bum you kissed (well, they don't do it in front of you, of course, but in the comfort of the staff room. Oh yeah, I've heard many a good gossip shared amongst teachers in the lounge, and believe you me, they talked about these things). How difficult it was to be a student, eh, wanting to be accepted by your peers, yet hoping the teacher favoured you as well.

For years, I managed to stay right in the middle. Stay relatively all right in the teachers' good graces, yet not enough to be known as a teacher's pet. But I remembered one year in school where I was ultimately thrown in the middle of a grudge a particular teacher had towards my best friends. And being "kiap" (stuck) in the middle wasn't any fun, I'd tell you.

For privacy sake, I shan't disclose what subject this teacher taught (close friends would know), but man, she was such a pious, old bag. Her grating voice irked our ears, and we dreaded all her lessons. Now, for some reason, she hated my besties. She was always changing their seats so that they would be apart from each other, and I'd be placed in the middle of them. It was a very funny sight indeed, because those two would take their own sweet time to change places, and she'd be waiting impatiently, red as a tomato, all hot and bothered.

One day, as I was walking back to my class from the loo, I was stopped by her. Now she's really short (oops, did I just give the game away? :p), and I towered over her BIG time. She whispered to me, and she had the oddest look on her face.

"Stay away from those two. They're evil *cue shifty eyes*. You're a good little Christian girl. Christian girls don't mix with them."

Okkkaaaayyy. I had to bite my tongue to keep from bursting into laughter. I was absolutely gobsmacked, and couldn't say anything as she jabbered on on how "evil" they were.

I remembered going back to class, and immediately told my besties. We all had a really good laugh. From that time on, the teacher would use that phrase on me, and tried to talk to me every chance she got (I remembered avoiding her many times when I was at the staff room), and reminded me to stay away from the two girls. I inevitably, and very unfortunately, became her pet. Gosh, what a shuddering thought.

Still, it was such a hilarious situation that we remembered it to this very day.

I'm a good lil' Christian girl, y'all *blink blink*. Tee hee hee.

So, 'fess up now. Were you a teacher's pet? Or did you give 'em teacher's pets a good wedgie or two? ;)


Adino said...

Nope. Some teachers only chose girls as their 'pets'. Most of them chose the brightest students. I felt like a ghost in school.

kooi said...

hahaha. i know who you're refering to. i saw her whispering to you once.

I bumped into her in a friend's wedding once. She asked about two good lil' Christian girls who happen to live in her neighbourhood. I think you know who the other girl is. :P

Mays said...

did she actually use the word evil? I don't remember that at all. I do remember her reprimanding me for talking to D and as a consequence, told me to change seats - to the one right next to her.

Oh..and who can forget D's excellent performance of dragging the chair from one end of the room to the

tihtahpah said...

was never a teacher's pet. i think i was always in the middle. usually teacher's pets are either the smart ones or the beautiful ones or both, and i was neither of those :)

Tine said...

Adino: Hmm wouldn't know that, coming from an all-girl school :p

Kooi: Hahahaha really? I see her jogging pretty often a number of years back, but I don't know if she's still living in the same area. Scary man. I remember seeing her in a supermarket once, but I buat tak tau and went the opposite way :p

Mays: Oh yeah she did. Hateful old bag.

Oh yeah, I remembered D's dragging of the chair. Man, she was PISSED OFF. I've never seen her so bold towards a teacher before :p

TihTahPah: Hehehe, same lar here. Better to stay in the middle :p

TrueBluePenangite said...

Misery, I was the one talking to you (I was sitting behind you) and she asked me and another girl to change places (so that I'd be sitting next to you)and Verns went, "What's that gonna do?", which infuriated her to no end. That's why she made us switch places instead. Man she was on such a power trip!!!

I think D's performance really inspired me to be even more evil.

And Misery used to do ChewChew's homework during her class while I'd be reading a book! Hahahhah.

Sigh...Tine, you poor thing. To be subjected to her madness.