May 13, 2008

My Learner's Permit. Yay!

I've finally, finally gotten my learner's permit!

Learner's Permit
I've decided I didn't really like my picture after all :(

I had my learner's permit done at the Vicroads branch at Burwood. Tim had his license done there as well, so he thought he'd bring me there and give them a piece of his mind in case I get the same crap I had gotten at the Oakleigh branch.

Initially, I did face the same problem with my name as well, just like I did before. The problem with my last name smacked in the middle of my whole name in my passport.

"Sigh, Malaysian passports always confuse us."

That's it. All the person did was looked at the passport, and said that. So irritatingly nonchalant. She didn't mention any sort of solution, but neither did she give me more crap about my last name. It was simply because one of the managers on duty yesterday was a Chinese, who cleared everything up pronto. The application process went on quickly, and I finally got to take the test. Finally!

Oh, and I passed with *ahem* 100% *ahem* :p

Anyways, now that I've gotten my permit, I'm going to be lodging a formal complaint to Vicroads about this. There should be some sort of policy for Malaysian passports made known to the Vicroads people. My passport was not the first Malaysian one they encountered; they must have encountered thousands of Malaysian passports with last names not in the "right" position, which would also mean that they should know what to do. Instead of shaking their heads and giving us all that "Oh, Malaysian passports confuse us" rubbish and inconvenience us by asking us to get our passports changed, names changed, etc.

I have yet to take my Hazards Perception Test, but when I do, I'm going back to the Oakleigh branch, just to shove my permit at the faces. Hmph.

So yeah, I'm now officially an L driver in Victoria. Whee!

PS: Thanks very much for all your suggestions and advice on getting my learner's permit. It's so cool when you can get help on the blogosphere. I really appreciate it :)


Jemima said...

Watch out, Victoria! :p

Constant Drama said...

Tine, question. Lets say I were to get myself an Australian driving permit (for some reason or another) and my name is like this:

Sophia binti Iylas
(not my name but you get the point) so how does that work?

does it becomes

Iylas, Sophia binti
binti Iylas, Sophia ?

Since "binti" isnt my middle name. It means "daughter of". Or maybe I can drop the "binti"?

Great I'm confused now.

L B said...

Well done, Tine!!! Glad things are smoother now..
Did you see that nice red mini cooper?

Kamigoroshi said...

Congratulations Tine!! Next time I head over to Melbourne, you can drive me around now. :)

@Constant Drama: It's alright for people who's last names are at the back. The "Bin" and "Binti" doesn't cause any problem at all. That problem only applies to people with Chinese names, especially if they have a Christian name in their passport as well.

Leyenda said...

Congrats on getting your license. I'm impressed you got everything spot on. I guess the test up here in Queensland must be harder eh? ;)

cheeeezie said...

hurrayy on getting your L's! HPT next huh.. it's seriously so pointless & a waste of time lol :)

Trinity said...

Wah great!! Now you can drive me around Victoria when I visit you! Yay!! Happy for me!! LOL...

Congrats Tine dear.. :-)

kyels said...



Adino said...

Congrats!! Glad you sorted it out, and the complaint is a good idea! This will prevent future incidents to other hapless Malaysians.

Greg from Make money online / homebizseo said...

Congrats on your learners permit. My daughter just received hers and I look forward to the day when she gets full driving privalges.

zeren said...

sadly i jz lost this driving licence (melbourne driving licence) here in malaysia.. because of that damn rompak took my bag.. :(

Ding Dong said...

LOVELY!! GOOD! lemme go to Burwood too!