May 25, 2008

Oh What A Start To A Chilly Sunday Morning

Our peaceful slumber was rudely awakened by the loud whirring of the helicopter blades looming near our apartment this morning. When the sound got louder the next 10 minutes, I grudgingly got out of the toasty-warm bed, slipped on my Kahunas, and braced the crisp chill at the balcony to find out what was going on.


Apparently there was a chopper a block away lifting a piece of machinery out of the building (yeah, on an early Sunday morning. Tsk tsk tsk). But that was not the most surprising sight which greet me in a very long time. I looked up to the sky, and through my blurry, sleepy vision, I thought I saw five blobs in the sky. With the great sound of the chopper, my first thought was "Is this a war zone?!"

Rubbing my eyes a little more, my vision cleared. And what I saw just blew me away. For what was floating right above me, were four colourful hot-air balloons.

Hot Air Balloons

Green Hot Air Balloon

I had no idea what a hot-air balloon was flying over our roof, let alone five. But the vision alone was breathtaking.

What a delight it was to start the beautiful Sunday morning. And it continued to be a good one.


the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Wow, where do you live?

I was in a hot air baloon ride once. But I did in Turkey. We flew over the valley of Cappadocia, it was one of the best experiance of my life.

Other than my you know, date with Clive. That goes on in my head but still sweet nonetheless =p

Mirebella said...

Its a common sight in the wee hrs of the morning in our skies here in Mel. There are several companies that run balloning trips over Melbourne starting off from Yarra Valley. Its not cheap - around $300 but it does come with a champagne breakfast.

Ive been meaning to do it for agggess.. just havent got to it yet. :)

kyels said...

Hey, this is amazing! Hot air balloons are pretty.


littleComma said...

wow .. this is simply pretty. I wouldn't mind waking up to sights like this once in a while. ;)

Anonymous said...

Chin-Eh guess what? I am in San Francisco and I'll be meeting your aunt for dinner tomorrow!

keeyit said...

The hot air balloons are nice.. but the sky seems dark.. :P

Trinity said...

Hot air balloons!! What a great scene! I want to ride one some day! not sure if I have enough guts to do it due to my height paranoia!