May 22, 2008

Thank You For Your Lovely Email

I need a piping hot cup of Milo for the early chilly mornings to perk me up. I need to check my emails right after I wake up because I'm simply hooked to the Internet. But what I did not need, early in the morning, is this. I woke up to an email looking something like this:

"So how's life? Very good in your current "job"? Being a wife, with housework and all."

Okay, what the serious f**k does that mean? As though I do not hear enough of that from my parents, I have to wake up to this?

I'm sure she meant well, but still, I did not need that. Well, let's see, I cook, I clean, I shop for groceries, I wait for the husband to come home, fetch his slippers, massage his shoulders, simply waiting and doting on him hand and foot. Oh, and I'm bloody good at that. So yeah, I'm doing damn fine in my "job".

I'm so sorry sarcasm is lost on you. I really am.


zewt said...

on a lighter note... u fetch his slippers????

Jemima said...


I got one that told me I'm a loser 'coz he left me.

But, the truth is he is the loser for losing me.. 'coz I'm no longer his.

Tine said...

Oh hello NO. He wishes lah ;)

Honey, anyone who leaves you is a loser. Enough said. And sucks to the person who wrote you that. Now THAT is a sore loser.

Kamigoroshi said...

I don't know whether to feel slighted by that because I'm the domestic one in the relationship.

It's definitely a "WTF" moment that one. Not exactly the sort of thing you want to see when you wake up in the morning.

geekchic said...

Sarcasm is never wasted on someone. IF they don't get it, then they can go around and tell everyone that Tine does that and that and that for the hubby and if those who listened had any sense, they'd knock some sense into the bitchy cow :P

Try it and let me knwo the results.

Oh I'm such bad influence :P

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

I bet that woman is not married right?

kyels said...


I'd be cussing if I get such an e-mail and plus it was in the morning. That's really rude ... Guess some people will never learn proper manners, aye?

irish said...

hi there, can we exchange links?

Jules said...

Oh hey I think I have the same 'job' as you, except that I wait online for the husband to come home! Hehe..
Got to just ignore such people giving us shit about our 'jobs'

rheiboy17 said...

phew! you're probably fuming while writing this blog.... oh well, as i always say to my friends, ilovemyjob, try repeating this mantra, you'll feel good.

kooi said...

Definitely not funny. Ignore her email and take it easy. It's just not worth your anger. Cheers!!!

Trinity said...

Cheer up Tine, I don't see what's wrong with that.. it's my job for almost 9 years now! *smile sweetly*

pb said...

If I could have your "job", I'd be happy :) On a serious note, WTF?! :P *hugs*