December 17, 2006

Bad, Bad Facial

So my facialist totally ripped me off today. I didn't know that it was my last session with her, and after she reminded me, she bugged me so many times about continuing my facials with her, I tried being real vague, real dodgy of her questions. Which resulted in the lady kept whacking me with her roll of papers she was holding in her hand!

"Are you [whack] continuing or not? [whack] Continue lah [whack]."

She did this a few times, before I really couldn't take it anymore (the facial was already about to start; I was already lying on the bed, with the ugly headband on and everything), and I told her I'd like to try someplace new. And I was really nice about it too, without even complaining how shoddy her services have been lately.

"Aiyo [whack], why you don't want to continue? [whack] You don't want to take care of your face already meh? [whack] Why don't want to continue? [whack] Continue lah [whack] !!"

WTF, right?

Well, ladies, a lesson to be learnt. NEVER tell your facialist you don't want to continue on with her till AFTER your final facial with her, or she'll do a completely sloppy job for you. Of course, I wouldn't say this for all beauticians, but mine was just over the top. What used to be 2++ hours (sometimes even 3) of facial was reduced to an hour and 15 minutes. She did NOT do the blackhead extraction on my nose, neither did she do a good job on my eyebrows (I still have a lot of stray hairs around the eyes).

I left the place feeling unsatisfied, and ripped off. I could have told her off, since I wasn't going to come back anyway, but I thought I'd be nice and leave on a good note. I made a mistake telling my parents how it went when I got home, because I got mocked big time for being stupid anyway. What's that thing about karma now? Oh yeah, be nice and you're screwed.

Argh. And you know what the funny thing about this unscrupulous business was? The facialist goes to the same church as I do!


PS: On a lighter note, I got all my Christmas shopping done today, so yay!


Anonymous said...

3 hour facial?!

Sounds torturous. What I hate most is when they leave you under the mask, but you wake up too soon and then you're stuck there waiting for them to come back.

Your facialist.. well... probably better you find someone with better energy. She sounds super rude.

beetrice said...

Well, I've had some really GOOD 3-hr facials...but only if the facialist is really good...mine throws in hot stone treatment n all, so it's a pretty good deal...

I wouldn't bother being nice to your kind of facialist lah girl...she doesn't deserve it, and what's more, their kind usually doesn't "get it" until you really blow up in their face...

Tine said...

shiny blue black: Hehehe, yeah, unfortunately, my 3-hour facials mean that I have to SHARE my facialist with 2 to 3 other customers! That's the problem with cheap facialists - they probably charge you less than the big guns like Kanebo would, but they totally lack in service and comfort. Well, never again, I say.

And yeah, I do hate waking up too soon and waiting for them to come back. I'm like "okay ... just what do I do now? Stare at the ceiling, listening to heinous, repeated music playing in the background?"

beetrice: No way lah girl, that I'd get such a treatment from mine. I'm definitely going to pay more for better service. I really felt like taking her papers and whacking her instead!!

And you know? She finished the session at 6.15pm, when I started at 5pm, and so after the session, I asked her nonchalantly "what time do you close?" And she answered "6.15pm". I was like, then why did you ask me to come at 5pm then???


Paris Beaverbanks said...

Is this a private facialist? I usually go to Kanebo even though they are expensive, because their service is great. Sometimes with their various promotions it can work out quite affordable. I go to the one in Bangsar KL.

Tine said...

paris beaverbanks: Well, it started off as a private thing (she did it in her home, and service then was great). The next thing I knew, a couple of sessions later, she announced that she bought a place of her own, and everything went downhill from there. There were FOUR beds in one room, and it looked like a damn hospital ward!

Anyways, my mum goes to Kanebo for facials, and even though it's costly, she told me that the service was fantastic. I'd rather pay a bit more for a time of pampering and relaxation, than 2 hours of constant blabbering of new products, and me coming out more stressed than ever! :(

beetrice said...

haha...oh well...mine gives me at least 2hrs, but then again, I had to buy the 10-session course...all in all I have to say it's pretty worth it.

Maybe you should try one of the others they have CN centres in Penang? Their VitC facials are PRETTY good...

beetrice said...

And *DAMN*, you got your xmas shopping done ALREADY?!? not fair!!

I haven't even found the time to start...*sob*

Tine said...

beetrice: CN centres? Not that I know of. What's that about? Anyways, it's all this package thingies that turned me off. I mean, yeah, at the end of the day, each session's cheaper, but to tie you down to the same facialist for so long (especially if the service deteriorates, and you don't know when that might happen) ... something to really think about lah. And to think that there're 0% installment packages for FACIALS! Tsk tsk tsk!

Yeps, all Christmas shopping done :P Girl, it's a week to Christmas! Better get it down now lest you get stuck in queues and stuff ;)