December 04, 2006

French Manicure

It was a good weekend of manis and pedis. Had a pedicure at a nail salon, and did my very first French manicure, all on my own, WITHOUT nail guides (I used Sally Hansen's French Manicure Kit). It was quite a feat, painting the white stripes on my right hand, using my left (I'm a rightie). Took me 3 to 4 tries on each finger before I actually got it right. Sorry, no photos to show as I obviously can't take a photo of both my hands by myself, and I was too embarrassed to ask anyone else to do so. Anyhoos, I find French manis very clean, and definitely very chic. For those who have never had a French manicure (or am I just hopping onto this train now?!), I'd recommend you give it a go.


TrueBluePenangite said...

Hahaha...I got my first french mani in S'pore airport last year and having never had one before, I didn't realize that I could touch anything, open doors and the manicurist had to dig out money from my back pocket to pay for the mani. So embarassing.

Tine said...

Hehehe, tell me about it. I look so weird handling things with my fingertips stretched out, curved outwards. And after all the hard work, no one noticed any thing different! Ish.

beetrice said...

I never could get the whole "white stripe" thing working for me, so I guess I wasn't meant for a Frenchie... ;p

Maybe you go waggle your outstretched hands in Queensbay Mall lah - they might appreciate them there!! *laughs*