December 14, 2006

A Nerd, That's Me!

The other day my colleague and I were discussing on current mobile phones in the market, and also the different features available on the phones. We started debating on screen resolutions, types of image sensors used, etc.

Colleague: How do you even know all these?

Me: Err ... 'cos I'm interested in 'em? What's wrong with that?

Colleague: I can't even talk about things like these to my girlfriend. She has absolutely no interest in such things whatsover. I wish she was more like you.

Me: ??

Okay. Was that a compliment, or did he just call me a nerd? Can't help it if I love electronic gadgets; the shiny metal, the fancy buttons, the gorgeous screens ... if you leave me at Akihabara, I'd die, because there's no way I can survive that place without bringing home something shiny (and you know it's going to cost ya big). I'm always glued to my notebook; I feel naked without it (same goes for my mobile phone). I need to be constantly connected to the Internet; that was the reason I bought my Nokia N80 (bloody expensive brick, I'd say).

Yet, I love the pretty, girly stuff, like shoes and bags. I have 10 different tubes of nail polish, bagful of cosmetics which I regularly use, about 20 pairs of shoes, and a gazillion bags in my wardrobe (major shoe-and-bag-whore, that's me). Scary, I know. I'm fast running out of space to keep 'em.


I am nerdier than 59% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

There ya go. More nerd than anything else. A woman of the noughties, surely.


TrueBluePenangite said...

Hahahha....mine is only 37 nia. Do you think I have to go and geek up?

Tine said...

Hehehe ... good what :-p It's shocking mine's over 50%

beetrice said...

haha....mine's just under yours...arrrghh!!!!