December 25, 2006

My Christmassy Events

  • 9th secondary school reunion on the 23rd. Had such a fantabulous time, and I got to meet up with old friends, some of whom I've not seen in 9 years! Where has the time gone, huh? Couldn't booze up as I'd like, 'cos I was the designated driver. Shucks. Anyways, May's back from Australia, Chin's back from the US, and it was really good catching up with 'em. Chin, thanks so much for the very lovely gift (a Coach keyring, 'cos she knows how much I love Coach. It's the real deal, people!), I loved it.
  • Christmas service (well, a day earlier anyways) on the 24th. For some reason, I did NOT enjoy it, because we only sang ONE Christmas song (Joy to the World) during the entire service! By the way, the song, God Sent His Son, is a dirge, no matter what people say.
  • Went shopping with the family after Christmas service. Mum bought me MAC foundation for Christmas. A very useful gift indeed, as mine's about to finish.
  • Had our annual Christmas BBQ at home. Brother brought along his girlfriend, and a couple of friends. I was in my room on the computer with the boyfriend for a bit, before streamyx died on me. Drats. Anyways, great BBQ; Mum made mean pork chops.
  • Christmas lunch, as usual, at the Penang Swimming Club. Seriously, I think we only go there every year 'cos the food's cheap (and not that good either). Mum wants it to be an annual tradition at the club. o_O

All in all, it was a really good Christmas this year. Didn't get many presents this year, but the company of family and friends was really heartwarming (this year's school reunion was the best!). Too bad the boyfriend couldn't be back for Christmas this year. That would have been the icing on the cake. Still, celebrating it online wasn't too bad. Your rendition of White Christmas rocked, babes ;) (I wasn't laughing AT you, by the way ... tee hee hee!)

Thanks for all the text messages of greetings and well wishes. A blessed Christmas to y'all too. And here's to a wonderful 2007 *cheers*

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