December 13, 2006

Wedding Thingies

For the past 6 months or so, I've been helping a girlfriend, Hester, plan her wedding. I've been closely involved in 3 weddings for the past couple of years (twice a wedding singer, and the other a bridesmaid), and could help her with what knowledge I managed to amass from those weddings.

As Hester's wedding drew near, naturally, she became even more jittery, and now, all of us girls at the office are going full-force in helping her come up with the wedding day schedule, cutting of confetti, etc. Looking at everyone helping her and all, makes me hope that I'd have such helpful friends when the time comes for my wedding. It sure took the edge off Hester, that's for sure.

Anyways, lots more to do. Have yet to practise the song which I'm going to sing at her wedding ceremony (geez, I hope that saying "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" does NOT apply to wedding singers!), finish her wedding slides, help her get some stuff for the wedding, etc etc. My procastinating nature does not help at all. ARGH.

Reminder to self - ELOPE.


TrueBluePenangite said...

Wahhh...watcha singing? I'm going to be a wedding singer for a friend next year.

Tine said...

It's a Christian song, "We Celebrate Your Love". Okay lah, haven't even practised yet *gulp*. Watcha singing? ;)

Oooh speaking of singing, I attended a charity concert last Sunday, and the choir really reminded me of our singing days. Oh how I miss that. One of the singers was one of our juniors in Choir Club too :p

TrueBluePenangite said...

I'll be singing "Kiss Me"