December 22, 2006

Christmas Shopping for ME

Took half a day off work yesterday. I make it a point to try taking half a day off work once a month or so, to just unwind from the office. I can't do this too often though, as I need to save my annual leave for special occasions.

Anyhoos, coincidentally, Hester also took half a day off to settle her wedding stuff. In the end, we went out together to the newly-opened Queensbay Mall to shop for the stuff she needed for the wedding. I didn't come home empty-handed. A few books from Borders (3 for 2; I'm so glad they do this here, and not just the UK and Australia), makeup from Elianto (a lot of Korean makeup lines coming up, which aren't too bad. Quite cheap too), lingerie from La Senza (I lurve this shop; too bad they're pretty expensive), and other bits and pieces.

We ended the afternoon of shopping with a bit of frozen yogurt at New Zealand Natural. We had a good 20% discount, courtesy of the vouchers cousin Bea gave me when she was in Penang. It wasn't too bad; the low-fat ice-cream which she recommended were sold out though. Shows how popular they are, eh?

After the last couple of weeks of Christmas shopping for my family and friends, this time, I call it Christmas shopping for ME. Retail therapy's fantastic, y'know ;)

PS: They're playing Christmas songs over the PA system at the office, just before breaking to the 3-day weekend. Whee.


beetrice said...

Haha...nice to hear the vouchers came in handy...hehe...apparently the Penang outlet did record sales over the weekend, hence the "out of stock" time, next time...

When you get to KL, it's on me k..haha..

Tine said...

Hahaha, sure :P I'll be handing out those vouchers you sent me to me pals. The frozen yogurt at NZN, so so nia. I'm waiting to try out the low-fat ones you recommended leh.