November 19, 2007

36 Days To Christmas

I'm so in the Christmas mood now. 36 days to Christmas. I know, 'cos my Christmas tree on Facebook tells me so.

Facebook Christmas Tree

See the lack of pressies next to the tree? Be nice, and send me some lah, even though I can't actually have it :p


giddy tiger said...

Oh no... you just reminded me of the tons of shopping I need to do! :P Merry Christmas in advance!

Jemima said...

Christmas is gonna be so different this year. :(

rinnah said...

Merry Christmas in advance!

andie summerkiss said...

You have such a pretty girly blog! Love it. Hope you get lots of present soon!

andie summerkiss said...

Hmm ... that didn't come out right. Lots of PRESENTS, I meant.

She's Jess said...

I am anticipating for Christmas too :)

Kleio the Muse said...

Alrighto, more Facebook pressies on your way ;)

Been trying to wean myself of Facebook a bit these days. Haven't been logging in for quite sometime. Ergh! my hand itches now to do so now. All thanks to this post of yours. *opening new tab on browser for Facebook*.

Tine said...

Giddy Tiger: Ooooh Merry Christmas too! Yeah, I have tons of shopping to do too. Why lah does the bonus come AFTER Christmas?! :(

Jemima: :(

*big hugs*

Rinnah: Merry Christmas to you too in advance :)

Andie Summerkiss: Aww thanks. You too, yeah? :)

She's Jess: Tee hee hee, me too!

Kleio: Aww thanks for the Facebook pressies :P No wonder lah, thought you went missing or something.

I tried, but FB's just too strong. Ahhhhhhhhh *pulled away into the light*