November 15, 2007

Domesticated? Yes. Housewife? Erm, No.

As time draws near to the day that I'll be leaving for good, I've been thinking a lot of what I'm going to do when I'm in Melbourne, whilst settling in and looking for a job. I reckon I'd be Australia's sampah masyarakat for three months or so (hopefully no more than that, but you never know), so I have to get myself prepared with things to do whilst I'm at home, and that hubby's away at work.

So far, I've been collecting a lot of recipes of stuff I want to try out, 'cos by the time I move over, I'd finally have a kitchen of my own. I loved cooking when I was in Japan; having my very own kitchen, where I know where every single thing is, rocks. What with the variety of ingredients I can get there, methinks I might be able to be adventurous and try out new recipes.

I'll also be packing my cross-stitch kit with me. Imagine, I was such a tomboy during my early secondary school days, who can't cook (I burnt the rice, broke the eggshells into the pan with the eggs, dropped tomatoes ... you get the picture) and can't sew (Mum did all my needlepoint projects for me). Now, I can proudly say that I can cook ... well, not enough to make a 10-course gourmet meal, but enough to get by. I also can knit (only scarves, but hey, it's an achievement!), and I love doing cross-stitch.

Cross Stitch

This took me only a few hours to do. Simple and sweet. Thought it'd be cute in our new home :)

People kept telling me that I'll end up being a housewife in Australia. Now, before y'all think I'm housewives-bashing here, do bear in mind that I have immense respect for homemakers; I mean, heck, just take a look at our prominent bloggers who are homemakers - 5xmom from Malaysia, Karen Cheng from Australia, etc. These are no ordinary women, and certainly figures whom I greatly admire.

I guess, for me, I'm just not ready to give up the rat race just yet. After all, I'm still young. I've only been in the working world for four years. As my parents would say, I'm still "mentah". We're planning to begin a family only in a couple of years (although there is no 100% foolproof plan for this ... *gulp*), and in between, I'd love to continue to work. When the next chapter of our lives happen, then we'll see how things go from there.

For now, I wouldn't mind myself a bit of a break and get on my hobby kit ;)


didut said...

good luck good luck :D

ParisB said...

That does look sweet and will look sweet in your new home. Take it easy for a spell. After all, whatever will be will be no? :)

rinnah said...

I love cross-stitch too and that's perfectly sweet for the new place! Best of luck in everything you do!

TrueBluePenangite said...

Believe me, take a break when you can because when you start working again, you will kick yourself for not enjoying the "sampah masyarakat time" more. I was so pissed at myself for not appreciating the "time to do nothing" after graduating. I was so worried about finding a job and having no money and the guilt of living off my bf that I did not savor my free dreaming of free time and trips to Europe, even if I had the money, I have no time to go!'s like, I can never win, right?

Timodee said...

We could take turns being 'sampah masyarakat', hehe. I want my free time too :(
Can't wait till I can be a stay-at-home dad :P

lingzie said...

i think it'll be cool to be able to stay home and going domestic! can't wait to see your adventures in the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

u cook? ahem.....??
Why didn't u learn that earlier?
I would have benifited fr that... :)
To me, tine cooking = Cut up all stuffs + find that packet of lee kum kee sauce + stir fry them together...


But u definitely is a good cutter/chopper.... :)


karen said...

Hi Tine!
Thanks for the link!

I can't cross-stitch, I don't have the patience... I'd be telling myself, I could do this in photoshop in 3 minutes! Tee hee.

All the best in Melbourne!

xx karen cheng

giddy tiger said...

I adore cross-stitching! In fact, I have a couple yet unfinished ones from days of yore. SIGH... I should start taking them out again..

beetrice said...

oh, to be a tai tai...*sigh*...I can only barely crochet, don't even get me started on my (half-baked) attempts at knitting!

Kleio the Muse said...

Wow, you can knit? Cross-stitch too? You are not so nerdy as you said after all. Can cook some more. What a package. Let's see... you have the looks, the kitchen skill, street-smart, sociable and smart too. Your hubby is a lucky guy.

One more thing.... I have to agree with the rest of the gang here - enjoy your 'sampah-masyarakat' time while you can. Abuse it to the max if you will.

Best of luck in everything you do ;)

Nice handy work with that cross-stitch.