November 12, 2007

I'm Baaaack!

Missed me? ;)

Man, the past week was exhausting, but so great, 'cos I managed to get so many things done. Oh oh, and I've finally gotten my Australian provisional visa in just five days! I mean, yeah, it was a lot of hassle (many thanks to my father-in-law, who unfortunately became our *ahem* "driver" for the week), and a whole load of documents to submit, but seeing the visa sticker on my passport on the last day made it all worthwhile. Woot!

Time spent with Tim alone wasn't much, as we had a lot of family obligations to attend to. But it was so good seeing him again. Finally get to spend some time with hubby *grin*. It wasn't so bad leaving him this time, for we know the next time he's back (which is for the wedding), I'll be leaving with him to Australia for good.

I'll talk more about the wedding stuff we did over at our wedding blog. Golly, it's been ages since I've updated that one. Can you believe it, a couple of months ago, I wasn't even excited about the wedding, what with stress at work, visa applications and, of course, the wedding stuff, but now ... it seems like a whole load's been lifted off my shoulders. And I'm now so excited about it.

Tee hee hee!

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pelf said...

I'm excited too! BTW, what's your wedding blog again? Can you like, put a link somewhere arr? LOL.