November 23, 2007

Scary Movies? No Thanks!

Scary movie

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

I am a HUGE CHICKEN when it comes to horror movies. I can't take gore (these images will stay in my head for years; I know because my mind can still conjure some pretty horrific pictures which I had the misfortune to come across), and I do not like the sudden loud sounds which make me jump out of my skin.

Me likey comedies, whether they are romantic, slapstick, or just downright stupid. Any sort of feel-good movies are fine by me. Hmmmm .... *dream of Hugh Jackman for a bit* ... *drool* ...


Paris asked me about the scary movies I've watched, and even though I hardly watched any, here are a few which stuck in my head till now. Here goes nothing ...

*Theme from the Twilight Zone in the background*

Hey, it was scary to me, k? Especially when the cute lil' furballs turn into mutants when they got wet or fed after midnight. *shudder*

The Ring
This would be the original Japanese one, not the Hollywood rubbish. I remembered watching it when I was in Dundee, in the dark, all of us huddled on one bed, in front of a 14" telly. The pillow and my fingers were most of what I watched that night.

Exorcism of Emily Rose
Okay, I really didn't want to watch this one. I was in Japan when I watched this. My Jappy friend wanted to watch this, but I didn't. Too bad for me, another colleague wanted to watch this as well, so majority won. This movie seriously scared the bejeezus out of me. Especially the part where the boyfriend woke up and suddenly saw his possessed girlfriend on the floor going berserk. That was some real scary shit. I had to change the position of my clock to face the wall, because I was afraid to look at the time (in case it was 3am. If you watched the movie, you'd know what I mean). I daren't even wake up to pee in the middle of the night!

So yeah, no horror films for me please. My heart cannot take it leh.

Beetrice and Kim, what are your scary-till-they-make-you-wanna-pee-in-your-pants movies?


Anonymous said...

Now now... talking abt The Ring, that was my bed I dun know how many ppl was hurdle on!! + I dun even want to watch that movie!! Poor me had to hurdle in MY corner, reading a book, while trying not to peak out of the duvet that was partially over me. (At times I got curious) Remind me again, why did we watch that movie? :p


anthraxxxx said...

To me, a particular horror movie that stood out from the rest is Shutter.

cibol said...

I thought gremlins are cute, no?

HahaKid said...

Actually, the old horror shows are far better than the recent ones.

RogueSquardron12 said...

I watched the American version of The Ring and I thought it was much better and slightly more cinematic than the original ones (too bad, the sequel sucks hard, which is strange considering that it was directed by the same guy who directed the original Ring movies!)

Tine said...

BC: Hehe, yep, THAT'S the one! You still remembered that, eh? My goodness, that was one scary evening we had. Ask the boys lah, scared us to no end man, that movie :p

Anthraxxxx: Ahh I've heard of that one, but as usual, too chicken to watch.

Cibol: Well, they're cute when they're all fluffy and big-eyed. Not so much when they turn crazy :p

Hahakid: Oh I know! I just didn't mention movies like The Exorcist, The Omen (original, not remake), Psycho (original, not remake), IT (scared me off clowns for good; lousy, anti-climatic ending), etc. Those were GOOD.

Roguesquardron12: Hmm ... I would agree with you on the cinematic bit. The original Ring is more straight-on frightening than anything else.

daphne said...

mine was chucky! you know, the movie came out when the dolls were all the rage (wonder why? silly marketers!) needless to say, a naive child like me was so scared of the movie and the dolls that i gave all my dolls away (some even brand new in box!)