November 13, 2007

It's Done

I finally did it. Given a year ago, I wouldn't even have thought of doing it just yet, but I did it. Yesterday.


I tendered my resignation.

I was expecting a bit of drama from the big man, but there was ... nothing. I mean, yeah, my boss already knew I was leaving and all that, but come on, a token of sadness would have been nice. I left his desk feeling rather unappreciated.

Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now. I've got other things to think about anyway.


Come on! Look sad a bit lah! Bluff-bluff counteroffer me a bit lah! Grrr!


zewt said...

you got it in 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can u drop me a mail at zewtness(at)

ParisB said...

But I guess they knew why you were leaving anyway right? No counter offer can keep you away from Tim :) But seriously, a half-hearted attempt would be better than nothing eh?

littleComma said...

I hate the feeling of unappreciated too. He could have wished you all the best and thank you for the good job done, huh?

beetrice said...

Well...I'd like to say it would be nice to have a counteroffer, but if it was too good, you'd end up feeling disgruntled that you got 'cheated' out of $$xx during your time there...

And believe me, no comment is better than the 'you're leaving the company in the lurch' guilt trip... :)