November 14, 2007

Text Message/Email Reply Etiquette

Text Messaging

How do you normally reply your text messages and emails? Do you keep 'em short and sweet, or do a 500-word essay?

I am notorious for writing long, essay-like emails (well, most of the time anyway). I like to write them as though I'm actually speaking to the person, and everyone knows what a talkative person I am. But there is one type of reply which I absolutely detest, and they are one-worded replies.

"Hey how about lunch today?"



"Shall we go to that restaurant again next week? The food's quite nice"


Seriously, this irks the hell out of me. I mean, come on. Have the courtesy to write or text a little bit more. "Sure no problem" or "Okay, that'd be fine" or something like that would have been a lot better than a single OK.

The ex did this, and I remembered how absolutely pissed off I'd be when I get such replies. And whenever I talked to him about this, all I got was a shrug and four words - "My nature, cannot change". What a load of rubbish. It's rude, that's what it is.

I'm so glad Tim doesn't give me that nonsense. His replies are short, no doubt, but never curt, never rude. Even when we're bickering with each other. My friends have proper text message/email reply etiquette too. Thank God for that.

There's no need for double standards when replying your emails or text messages to your friends, compared to what you write to your bosses. If you can reply nicely to the big man, you can do so to your family and friends as well. One-worded replies are forgivable when you're busy or indisposed, and cannot manage to write more. Other than that, I feel that it's inexcusable.

What do you think?


pablopabla said...


pablopabla said...

LOL! That's what you would expect from most men. The uh-ho, uh-hm, ya, no kinda reply. I think replies, be it spoken or written, differ a lot between the men and the women. We are wired (quite a trendy word to use nowadays) differently and thus, the response.

I am sure you would have read plenty about the differences. So, I shan't torture you with a repetition :D

ParisB said...

*High 5* I absolutely freaking detest those sort of SMS too! Other than the fact it doesn't tell me anything, it is a perfect waste of 160 character space :P I like to fill mine up nicely else not getting my value for money mah... ;)

pelf said...

I answer all my text messages in sentences that make sense. "OK" and "No problem" will only be used whenever I am pressed for time, or under certain circumstances.

giddy tiger said...

Isn't it a waste of SMS money to type in a 2 character message? I always try to fit in as many words as I can... wanna send me an sms?

sweetpotato said...

i hate receiving such replies and avoid giving such replies too. My ex is guilty of doing that and it irks me more since it's long distance too. It's a complete waste of money if u just give a one word answer. Where is the courtesy and communication? oh well.