September 10, 2007

My Very Rugi Weekend

Man, it's been such a "rugi" weekend. See, my grandma's staying with us for a couple of months, and to keep her from being totally bored out of her mind (she does call our house her "jail", cos she doesn't get to go out much. Shucks), my dad bought a mahjong set for her to fill her time with.

So, for the whole of Saturday and Sunday (and most likely for the rest of her visit here) were filled with mahjong sessions. All of us went on "shifts" to play with her :p

Unfortunately, I am a very lousy mahjong player. I mean REALLY bad. First of all, I had to memorise what the characters meant (what to do, I'm a 'banana' through and through), and I had to remember which "wind" position I was in. I'd have really great tiles, and yet I'd lose. Really, wearing red underwear and all that wouldn't even help (apparently, it changes your luck or something); I'm THAT bad.

3 person mahjong

In this game, I lost RM10 in 45 minutes. I lost most of it to my dad. Siong ah.

2 person mahjong

As for this one, I lost RM1.30 in 1.5 hours (good tiles, right? I lost). We had to lower the stakes, 'cos I was losing so badly.

Still, I reckon with the mahjong set in the house, we should be able to practise more for our annual mahjong sessions with the extended family during Chinese New Year. Hopefully, I'll stop sucking, plus this time, I'll win me back some moolah.

*Mali mali hom* Money, money, come to me! MUAHAHAHA ...


ParisB said...

Haha... I can't play Mahjong to save my life. So I'd probably lose to you!

pelf said...

Ouh, I'm a self-professed Mahjong Queen! WooHoo! :)

beetrice said...

*evil laughter*...oh yeahhhh...mama's giving you a good time eh??

You could probably use the practise la...I'm SO ready to whup your butt when we next "gao pai"...hahahahaha...

Jemima said...

A friend of mine kept on losing.. when she went to the toilet, she found that she was wearing her undies inside out. *LOL*

Next time, go check! :p