September 21, 2007

I'm Sorry, Mum

I posted this as a comment on Zewt's, and I thought, I'd write it out here as well. Because all I feel, right now, is utter shame.


I've been having fights after fights, screaming matches, etc with my mum for weeks now over my wedding. I came to the point where I was absolutely sick and fed up, that I just wanted to do away with the wedding and get the hell out of the house for good because I just couldn't stand her anymore.

Until I read this.

Then suddenly, the biggest feeling of shame washed over me, and now, all I can think of is give my mum a big hug when I see her, when I still can, and tell her I'm so sorry for giving her so much grief, so much pain, because I've been such an incredibly selfish daughter.

Thank you.


littleComma said...

Tine, I thought I was alone.

I argued with my mom over my wedding so much until I thought of walking away from the wedding dinner. We disagreed about so many things and finally, I concluded that weddings are *not* about jef and i. It's also for those who love us. :)

zewt said...

so how are things now?

L B said...

I couldn't help by read this little bit..


L B said...

bad spelling! by = but..

may said...

reminds me of a little piece I wrote "to" my mum on my blog, a long time ago...

all is forgiven, yea? there's no such thing as bad blood between mum and daughter!

p.s. good luck in your application!

Tine said...

Tine: I think ALL bride-to-bes face such a dilemma. But you're right, the wedding involves everyone we love too. Now if I could only make that thought stick :p

Zewt: Better than before, but sometimes it does feel like walking on eggshells.

LB: Thanks *hugs*

May: Yep, no bad blood. All's forgiven (both sides) by the next day :)