September 05, 2007

Work Woes

Okay guys, I get the hint. I've already posted the ROM photos at the wedding blog, which you can check out here. See, I'm so nice :)


I'm getting real swamped at work, personally and professionally. It's funny how things can go a 180 degrees turn in just the one week I was away. It's only been three days back, and I'm already ready to scream.


There is sudden tension everywhere, and the somewhat-comfortable environment of work that I was used to is now some kind of mental war zone. Suddenly, never-before politics have managed to seep into the group. Everyone's watching their backs so carefully in case they get stabbed. It's making me pretty nervous, and quite frankly, bloody annoyed.

Lord, give me strength to persevere during this "storm". Otherwise I'll go nuts.


Jemima said...

It's not only at your workplace. Trust me, every workplace is like that now. *sigh*

Trust the Lord, Tine. We'll all be fine.


Leishia J said...

which was exactly why i left my previous job.

but then again, jemima's right. it's the same everywhere. just gotta really die-die-also-get-thru-it, then u'll see the rainbow :)

take it easy now girl!

Tine said...

Jemima: Yeah I know. Sad hoh? :(

Leisha: Ya lor. Now I'm adopting either a "die die also get thru it" attitude, or a "touch me and die" one :p