September 03, 2007

One Crazy Week, And Back To Reality

Finally back from my week-long break. It was such an exciting and eventful week, that I don't even know where to start.

It was so good seeing Tim once again, after being away from each other for over two months. I guess that's the best thing about being in a long-distanced relationship; you get to fall in love with each other over and over again. Of course, we pray that this will also remain when we're finally living together in Melbourne next year.

It wasn't so much of a break for us to have romantic getaways as such when he got back last week than a trip to settle a lot of registration of marriage logistics here and there. I mean, really, how things get done in Malaysia is beyond me. I mean, people are simply so slow, so inefficient! Tsk tsk tsk. Anyways, praise God, all the near-misses of the registration of marriage were ironed out.

I spent the first weekend with Tim's family, and he spent the week with mine. I had quite a good time, in fact, getting to know his family better. Had meals with them, went to church service with them, etc.

The bridal photography session on the 29th was hilarious. The photographer and assistants were really nice; the ice was broken almost immediately, and they made it a very pleasant experience for us. I should think that Tim would be the one who'd laugh at the styles of posing for the camera, as a lot of them were really cheesy. Unfortunately, I was the one who just couldn't stop collapsing in giggles when we had to put our faces very close together for the fake "romantic" shots. Tim was like, "Oi, be serious lah" all the time, because I just couldn't stop laughing. In my defense, when your face is THAT close with your man, you either kiss him, or ... wait, there's nothing else! Gazing into each others eyes dreamily? You've GOT to be kidding me. I'd sooner go cross-eyed (psst, and you wonder where the romance has gone, eh? Tee hee hee!).

Anyways, it was a great experience, and I arranged to view and select the photos the very next day, as Tim had very limited time in Malaysia. And maaaaannn, not to *ahem* blow my own horn or anything, but *ahem* ... I looked GORGEOUS! I mean, WE looked GORGEOUS!! :p

The photos were very well taken, and the cheesy shots really captured us perfectly. I selected a few cheesy shots (it's a must lah), and so did Tim. My favourite photos were the ones taken outdoors.

We went to Batu Ferringhi for our outdoor shots, and I must say, I felt really weird, all dolled up in 6 inches of makeup, hairsprayed-till-it's-hard-as-a-rock hairdo, wedding gown and veil, amidst the sand and lalang. There were a few shots taken where I had to sit on the lalang, and I had crickets jumping all over me. Euuuwww. The ones at the beach were also quite nice, until it came to the part where Tim had to carry me on piggyback, for the photographer to capture. You can hear Tim's voice "Oi, hurry up and take lah, she's very heavy!!" from a mile away. Still, you didn't think he'd get away with that without a thumping or two from me now, do you? ;)

Anyhoos, the photo selection process was really difficult; every photo was so well taken. We ended up forking a LOT of money to order another extra 17 photos. And that, my friends, is already pushing it, because it really was heart-breaking marking the photos we could not afford anymore to have with a black-ink marker. They're a mean lot, those bridal-house people, making us mar our lovely photos. Sigh.

The Registration of Marriage was a surprisingly short affair. Bea joined us as well, which was great. My mum requested her to get me flowers as well, and they were lovely (girl, you SO know my taste :p). Tim got me flowers too, which had two "married" bears on the bouquet, a few pieces of heart-shaped chocs, and very beautiful red roses. The whole affair (including the swearing in, the signing of the marriage certificates and exchange of rings) lasted a good FIVE minutes. We spent a lot of time just taking photos.

Speaking of which, I know I've been yakking a lot here with no photos to show. I'll post the photos on the wedding blog, as I reckon it's more appropriate to be placed there. Oh, and I'll also post a few shots taken during the bridal photography session as well. That ought to be fun, eh?

The most difficult part of the wonderful week I had was saying goodbye to Tim ONE DAY after we got married. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but it really just got worse. We're really praying hard that he'll be able to come back to Malaysia at least once before the wedding. Keep your fingers (and toes, and whatever appendages you can spare) crossed too, ya? :)

So now, it's back to work, and back to reality for us. Tim will be returning to Melbourne tomorrow (*sob sob*), and I managed to contract a cold from all the excitement of the week. Work has started to pile too. Gah. Don't ask me what married life is like though. I've only had him for a day.

Still, to end this on a brighter note,
I'd like to thank all of you who sent well wishes here, and for those who specially emailed and/or texted me to congratulate us. I'm so touched at all your wishes, and really really appreciate them *hugs*.


Jemima said...

I think this post should be re-titled "One memorable week..." ;)

pelf said...

Seriously, a couple of photos here won't hurt, would it?! Hmmph!

parisb said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D You both looked lovely :)

Leishia J said...

yay! a mrs someone already!

now i can safely say we are on the same wavelenght! haha! :) congrats girl!

prettybeautiful said...

nice :) congratulations to you :D :D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Can we please see some photos of the wedding? That's very sad that Tim had to return to Melbourne. Hope you two can get together soon.

Adino said...

Congrats again!! :) So glad you had a wonderful time.

When I had to do those fake 'romantic shots' my sweat kept dripping on my wife's face hehe...

It's really wonderful that you have managed to stay together and get married despite the distance. Wishing you both many wonderful years of joy, love and good health.

Remember to post some photos yeah?