October 11, 2007

Complete The Sentence

Ahh, my first tag from TrueBluePenangite and May. For the rest of the tags which I still owe you folks, very sorry hoh, I haven't forgotten any of them; in fact, I'm drafting them out now as I have loads to do! *sheepish grin*. I'll get to 'em, I promise! *fingers crossed behind my back*

For now, my task is to complete the sentences provided. Here goes nothing.

1. I've come to realise that my last kiss was in front of my family at The Curve with my husband of a day, just before we parted ways and will not see each other again in over two months.
2. I am listening to Forever Tonight by Peter Cetera and Crystal Bernard (I am so in love with this song. Sigggghhhh ...)
3. I talk non-stop.
4. I love singing in the shower, and dancing in front of the mirror.
5. My best friends are very close to my heart, but all over the world.
6. My car is a Proton Waja. Not exactly the most fantastic car in the world, but I paid every sen of it with my sweat-and-blood money, so yeah, I'm quite proud of it, although I tell people that it's a shitty Proton :p
7. My love life is a blessing from God.
8. I hate it when people ask me if I need a new credit card, just because Bank A, Bank B to Bank Z are having yet-another-free-for-life promotion.
9. Love is beautiful.
10. Marriage is a sacred union and should not be taken lightly.
11. Somewhere, someone is thinking "good Lord, is this girl blogging AGAIN?!"
12. I'm always on Facebook. I have to stop, I really do. My addiction is getting out of hand :(
13. I have a secret cheesy crush on Hugh Jackman. Ever since Kate and Leopold. What a beautiful, beautiful man.
14. My cell phone is never switched off, and is always with me. Thus I have no excuse that you can't reach me :p
15. When I wake up in the morning I wish I can stay in a little longer.
16. When I go to bed at night I always receive a good night text message from Tim. Even though we've chatted for hours. Yep, we're cheesy like that :p
17. Right now I am thinking about what to do for my four-day weekend. Yep, I get Friday, and next Monday off for the Raya holidays. God bless Malaysia and her many, many races :)
18. Babies are not my thing. Not now anyway.
19. I get on MySpace nope, I don't use MySpace. Facebook is bad enough.
20. Today I am not in the mood to work, as I keep thinking about the long weekend.
21. Tonight I will continue tweaking the new layout for my beauty blog (stay tuned!). For some reason, web design, CSS, HTML and all that relaxes me. I'm such a nerd.
22. Tomorrow I will be able to sleep in. Woohoo!
23. I really want to go to Paris and Italy. I'm just going to keep repeating that until someone gets the hint and bring me there :p
24. Someone that will most likely repost this is Paris, so TAG! :p


Paris said...

roflol! And i will too! :) Is this the first time you've tagged me?! :D I'll get to it asap.

Adino said...

Welcome back! Glad to see that you've recovered :)

L B said...

That is a great song.. really...

Anonymous said...


i tag myself :)

Tine said...

Paris: OMG, I really didn't realise this is the first time I tagged you! I think it's cos all my tags were from you! :p

Adino: Thanks mate ;)

LB: I know ... so lomantik ...

Geekchic: Go! go! :p

Kleio the Muse said...

You're on FACEBOOK too? As for me, I really dunno how I ended up in it. Maybe it's more like because I dunno how to say 'no'to the kind invitation by fellow bloggers. That's how I got my butt stuck at MYSPACE too, recently. Gosh, I am hopeless.

I am on soooooo many networking sites... I am beginning to lost count of it. Much less the ability to maintain em decently. Sigh... I've got to learn how to say 'no'tactfully or risk drowning myself. LOL

Anyhow, I would luv to add you into my FACEBOOK friend list. Is that ok? I am kinda still new there and still very much struggling with the interface of that site.

Tine said...

Kleio: I know!! It's killer addictive man :p So far I've ditched Friendster, and am whole-heartedly crazy over Facebook. Well, I love the poking and the giving away of free alcohol lah, hehe :p

Yeah sure add me! Add me! :p