October 15, 2007

My Blogging Station

Oooh lookie here. A peek into my room. More specifically, my haven, my spot of comfort. My blogging station.

My blogging station

My trusty old notebook (which I guard with my life, and am very paranoid about), a good set of speakers (in my book, anyway), a nice cuppa tea ... and I'm all set for my usual writing. Of course, I also *ahem* blog *ahem* at the office, but I don't have to tell you why I can't post a picture of that ;)

By the way, I do not have a Hello Kitty fetish. The mousepad was a gift from my dad (he got it in Taiwan), who thought because I'm a girl, I'd like Hello Kitty. Yeah, go figure :p The Hello Kitty fan's the only one available when I was at the very very hot Kek Lok Si.


What's your blogging station like?

PS: Oh, and my wee external hard disk? Provides many hours of HDTV-quality entertainment, if you know what I mean *wink wink*

PPS: It's not porn.


Wayne Liew said...

Yay, I see another Acer user here! Nice workplace you have there, I wish I can have one though...

zewt said...

hmmm...i think we have the exact same notebook...

littleComma said...

:) I don't have a garden view like yours. And I'm usually blogging in the dark, while Ivan's asleep. Thank goodness for the light on my ThinkPad.

ParisB said...

Wow thats so organized... *feels embarrassed to show my blogging station* LOL

pelf said...

Speaking of porno.. The other day, J and I were in the library, and I was watching the Blog Action Day promo video very intently.

He asked me what I was watching, so I said, "Promo" softly.

He hit me on my head and say, "You're watching porno in he library?!"

And I said, "WHAT?! PROMO! NOT PORNO!"


Tine said...

Wayne: Thanks! Well, of course I had to tidy up the place before taking the photo :p (but I try to keep it as original as possible, minus the mess :p)

Zewt: Oooh really? *high five* :p

Little Comma: I can't seem to blog in the dark; my eyes can't take it. Old liao :(

Paris: Show lah :p

Pelf: Hahahahahah!! Good one :P

Kleio the Muse said...

Nice spot you've got there. I am envious of you. I like the sunlight streaming from that window - somehow it made me feel romantic. Dunno why so but that IS what I felt when I look at this photo of yours.

So err.. you have a fetish for that mouthless cat :D But ok, she has her appeal. I like her too, it's just the color that's bothering me. I am quite girlish but 'pink' is not my color, that's all. Tee hee hee

Tine said...

Kleio: Aww thanks. Yeah, I like it that my desk faces the window too. More often than not, I'll gaze out the window, and wait for inspiration to come in, absorbing the knowledge.

Okay, what B.S did I just feed you? :P Hehehe :p

Err no, not really. Hello Kitty really isn't my thang. My dad thought it was :p