October 10, 2007

I'm Going To Live Till 102!

Guess when I'm going to die?

Death Clock

This is what happens when you're bored to death (ouch!). Not at work, mind you, but at home, when I'm supposed to be resting and nursing my cold. Instead I'm on Facebook, buying everyone lots of alcohol, and having chicken heads thrown at me.

Oh well. All in a day.

PS: Go on. Give the site a go. You know you want to ;)


zewt said...

this facebook phenomenon is really sweeping the land.

Tine said...

Indeed. So quick, join the thing and add me! Tee hee hee! :p

Anonymous said...


get well soon. lots of OJ, lots of cartoons is good. oh, i heard E! (the channel) is highly-addictive too ;)

People in the Sun said...

How can you do that? It scares the shizzle out of me.

But congratulations on living a long life.

Jemima said...

Have a great life, my friend. :D

Btw, pop over & collect your award. ;)

Gallivanter said...

I'm up to 2051, see ya on the other side! :-P

TrueBluePenangite said...

I tagged you!

prepossessing said...

I once went to a psychic who told me that I was going to live to be 82. I went with a friend and we later discovered she told us both exactly the same thing.

Tine said...

Geekchic: God, I really have to gain control of Astro's remote from my dad. I can't watch all the good stuff, namely E!

People in the sun: Hehehe, aww all for a bit of fun, mate :p

Jemima: Oooh thanks!!

Gallivanter: Jom! :p

Truebluepenangite: Thanks and done ;)

Prepossessing: Okaaaayyy now that's freaky :p

Kleio the Muse said...

Don't worry you still have longer to live than me... My Personal Day of Death is - Thurs, Nov 25, 2055. Sigh... Must be karma.

Tine said...

Kleio: Aiya, play play nia lar. Am sure you'll live a long, fulfilling life :)