October 02, 2007

I Promise To Be Good

I woke up this morning, determined to be positive in all that I do. Well, at least for today. I was determined not to let anything get to me today.

And it didn't.

I was actually nice to the one person whom I've been real annoyed at for the past few weeks. Even though time and again, all I could think of was giving this person a wedgie or two for being a responsibility-pushing, credit-taking pain in the behind. And believe me, it took every ounce of me to be nice. I tried not to fake it, but many a time, it was very difficult. Wedgie! Wedgie!

As for the other stuff, like wedding preparations and all, well, so far things are going all right. Which is good *fingers crossed behind my back*

Anyways, that's for today. I'm not exactly Pollyanna, but I was, on the whole, very pleasant. I'm just glad that everything went my way.

Who knows, all hell might break loose come tomorrow *wink wink*


Anonymous said...



Gallivanter said...

I didn't know that the art of wedgie giving is still alive! :-P

Paris said...

I hope today's a better day for you! There are a couple of people I'd want to give a wedgie to too :P

jasmin84 said...

wat i can say..
just be urself..
cheer up,k!!!

Nice blog u have here.. *wink*