June 18, 2007

Be Yourself?!

You know the ever-popular phrase - BE YOURSELF. That's all that matters, just be yourself. To hell with what everyone thinks.

You know what, I just think it's a whole lot of nonsense. If everyone is to truly be themselves in front of people, even their close friends, and loved ones, nobody would wanna be with you. Because our true selves are sick, pathetic, whiny, obsessive ... well, maybe not in those words, but you know what I mean. We can never truly be ourselves to be a 100% acceptable.

If that's the case, then who made you king of perfect people? All of us maintain a certain facade, whether it's a big one, or just a thin film of "protection", in order to survive in the world. Who has the right to judge you, to tell you what you should and should not do, in order for people to like you?

For instance, if I were to worry if A thought bad about me, if B is distancing himself from me because of something I said or did, if C is not happy with me because of whatever, or if D thought I've changed therefore he doesn't want to hang out with me anymore and if I have changed, how did I change, and should I change back, etc etc etc. You get my drift? How busy would I be, or how STRESSED would I be, if I actually let those feelings conquer me?

It's frustrating to keep up with everyone's expectations, especially when each person has a different expectation of you.

At the end of the day, if you're struggling to keep up to everyone's expectations, is it fair to expect everyone to keep up to yours too? No, because neither of us owe each other anything.

Why are we doing this? Why am I doing this? You see how trying to please everyone can drive one absolutely bonkers?

GAH! :(


maria said...

Dont know ler, I always be myself in front of my friends and family. There is no need to pretend or act in front of them. This is my opinion lar.

Paris said...

I agree. There are expectations from everyone. The only time you'll really be yourself is probably in the shower when you are really alone... I mean in those times that you shower alone hehe... :) Cheer up Tine. There are times when you should put on a face for the world and if it gets too much, tell them all to sod it!

Tine said...

Maria: To be honest, the only people of whom I'm truly myself with are my family. THAT's why my dad tells me that if I really act the way I am, aiyo, no one would wanna marry me ady! Hehehe :p

Paris: Hahaha, I totally agree. I mean, when you're in the shower (yes, alone), who cares what you do. Tee hee hee!

Thanks, girl :)

TrueBluePenangite said...

Tine: It's okay to please yourself and only yourself once in a while. Never mind that I do it all the time but I am living in the most selfish country in the world so I fit in :) see...you can be yourself in AMERICA!!!just move here!! Giggles