June 20, 2007

Hello Metrosexual Men

Let's wiki it, shall we?

Metrosexual is a word describing men who have a strong concern for their aesthetic appearance, and spend a substantial amount of time and money on their images and lifestyles.

So ladies, what you think of such men? Men who spend ages in the bathroom, perfecting their hairstyles, preening in front of the mirror, etc. Men who spend just as much as (if not more than) women on their appearance. Men, whom, other more, er, butch men would call a derogatory name for their adopted lifestyle.

Cucumber Eyes

I do admire men who make the effort to take care of appearance. You know what they say, first impression always counts. But I draw the line when these men go over-the-top fussing about their looks, and how they go about maintaining 'em. A man who spends more time in front of the mirror, or spends more money than I do on beauty products, whether it's on their skin or hair is definitely a no-no for me. Okay, you're forgiven for doing it when you were a teenager ('cos God forbid if you boys were to step out of the house without stiff-as-a-board hair, the latest fashion on you, and looking at your reflection on any shiny surface your eyes fall upon), that's only natural. But when this phase reaches past adulthood, well, you better not still be hogging the bathroom, that's all I have to say. That said, men who are sloppy, untidy, and don't give two hoots about their appearance are a turn-off too.

I'm all for a guy who takes pride in his appearance. But let's not upset the nature of things now, shall we?. We women are supposed to spend more time in front of the mirror. Spend ridiculous amount of money on creams, lotions and potions to keep us looking good and young. It's our thang. Men, please don't take this away from us ;)

Let's strike a balance here, what say you?

What do you think, ladies? Would you accept it if your partner was more concerned about his looks than you do? What about you men? Ever spent a ridiculous amount of money just to look good?

PS: I hope I didn't step on too many of you men's toes here. If I did (my apologies), well, I reckon it's time to lessen the amount of hair gel and hand cream you've been using ;)


~Tiramisu~ said...

No, I can't accept it.

I'll probably faint if my bf ever said this, "Honey, what's that on your face? I think you need to apply a cream with some collagen. Why don't you use this mask of mine?" -.-"

ParisB said...

No I won't stand for him caring more for his looks than I do. I'll tolerate the facials and manicures/pedicures but only so long as I get my fair share too hehe... But the dressing table is ALL MINE!! bwahahah...

Gallivanter said...

I have to admit, I use facial cleanser, facial toner and moisturizer. That's as metrosexual as I'll go in terms of toiletries. LOL.

goofy328 said...

My wife actually loves it; I try to get away from it, but then she pulls me back into it and starts encouraging it. All the metrosexual thing is for me is having a clean, polished look without the raggedy clothes that aren't pressed, have holes in them, or otherwise need to be thrown away. I keep my face clean and my hair cut, at times, but I don't go all out. I don't get manicures, and I typically have only one pair of shoes, when I should have five. She has a thing for hands and a few other things that men would be a little uncomfortable with in their masculinity expressing in the bedroom.

Whether your girl digs it depends a lot on the girl herself and how prissy she is. A lot of girly girls and so forth actually want that, while the more rugged variety that only wear jeans and khakis would probably see it as your competiting with them on femininity, which is rarely the case, unless the guy actually is gay.

I say do what works for you, the bottom line is if you really truly are a man, not how you look, that draws girls in.

Kamigoroshi said...

The good thing about my relationship is that we're both vain. I'm not metrosexual though, not entirely. Mel has gotten me to use a facial cleanser and toner which I slap on after I shave for the same effect. Now she's getting me to use moisturisers and creams as well.

Technically all of that doesn't matter. As long as my hair obeys me when I style it and my clothes don't look like I dressed in the dark. That's fine by me.

Of course though...I've still got to try really good. That much is true. :)

River of Karma said...

There's just no pleasing woman is there. If we're not prim enough, then we're over the top. Heh. :)

I guess look into this area as well, but only a lil. I mean, conditioning brings some level of comfort. I like knowing while I'm having a beer that my hair is behaving.

But the whole thing is just too expensive. Weekend by Burberry is just too expensive, but what can you do?

I say it's a great thing. Good table talk. I like conversing on the last spring/summer collection with my friends - Btw, does anyone realize bows are "so in" this year?

So anyho, the metro man is here. Long live the metro man.

Tine said...

Tiramisu: Hahahahaha! If that happens to mine, I'd seriously tell him to grow some balls (pardon my french) :P

Paris: Amen, sista! I'll be nice, of course, and allocate my man a bit of space on my dressing table for his barang, but if HIS beauty stuff gets more than mine, out you go! ;)

Gallivanter: Wow. Not bad. Toner too? You definitely know your stuff then ;)

Goofy328: Hey, as long as your woman's fine with it, then you're all right :p And yeah, I do agree with you; a real man's the one who attracts the women, regardless of his looks.

Kamigoroshi: Hehehe, glad to know it works out for ya ;)

River of Karma: Hehehe ... yay, a metro man speaks! Nope, we're never satisfied, we're WOMEN :P

River of Karma said...

As usual, I'm not getting paid for it. Sheesh....I gotta start charging for these things.

And I'm going to hold you libel next time some hormonally charged feminist proclaims women are flexible people.

Have fun.

Tine said...

Sorry, luv, we can't all be that lucky ;)

Women ARE flexible. Two words - multiple orgasms ;)

Anonymous said...

As a metrosexual myself I find it amusing that woman feel threatened by us because we are prepared to look after ourselves.I for one refuse to have any body hair as I feel this is unhealthy because hair carries alot of germs that make you smell.My wife also likes the smooth skin and clean smell.She also encourages me to express my fem side as much as I like.

CS said...

=.= i'm a bit of that but not hardcore by any means. XD

mirror hogging, hairstyles minutes in front, skin care,

UnicoHijo said...

Haha funny. I'm metrosexual. I don't like to be labelled as one or appreciate my friends calling me that. I spend much for my hair, instructs the stylist exactly what I want haha and take care of my skin and loves shoes and denim. My girlfriend doesn't seem to mind. I don't like taking too long in the bathroom though so I usually do things real quick and I don't like talking or showing the products I use haha. crazy stuff.