June 23, 2007

ICE On Your Mobile Phone

I saw this short snippet in the June '07 issue of Mobile World magazine, and thought it might be useful to share it here.

Do you have your mobile phone near you right now?

Please take a moment to add "ICE" under your contacts. For the phone number, please put in the names of the people you'd want called in case of emergency.

That's what "ICE" stands for - "in case of emergency".

The idea is to let rescue workers, police or doctors check your cell phone and reach the people you would want contacted if you're in an accident or other emergency.

It may help save your life.

Help us spread this message. Tell everyone you know to do the same. And if you work in a related health or rescue agency, educate your colleagues to check for "ICE" the next time there is an emergency situation.

I didn't know that ICE was a well-known term amongst rescue workers. It would do us all well to add this in, eh?

Spread the word, people.


Parisb said...

I'm not even sure if medical personnel would check for ICE on HPs. But I did program it just in case :) Oh and you are TAGGED!

misery said...

yea, i've got a piece of paper with ICE on it in my wallet.

Lia said...

oh i didn't know that too, thanks for this informative post, i'm going to do this now and send the message to all i know :)

Tine said...

Parisb: Thanks girl. Will get to it soon ;)

Misery: Hmm I have that on my organiser but not my wallet. Will have to do that too.

Lia: No worries, hope it helps :)