June 19, 2007

Help, my Google Reader's A Tad Bonkers!

Google Reader
Okay people, I have a problem with Google Reader, and am wondering if y'all face the same thing too. I recently started using Google Reader as my RSS reader (yeah, I know, very slow in jumping onto the bandwagon, eh?), and have found it to be extremely useful in catching up with all my favourite blogs' latest entries.

But for some reason, which I have only just found out, not all my blogs which are updated show as UPDATED on my reader! There I was, thinking, okay, this blogger has not updated in a few days, no biggie, I'll just move on to another. But when I saja-saja click on his/her blog's feed link on the reader, tadah! The blog's actually been updated with many posts!! And when I do click on the Refresh button on the Google Reader, then only does it show as updated. What gives?!

Does anybody know the reason to this problem? Is this due to individual blog settings? Is there any way I can resolve this problem? Any help is much appreciated.



Gallivanter said...

Usually it takes up to a few hours before it appears on the Reader...but it'll show up nevertheless... :-)

Merv Kwok said...

i find that happens no matter what reader you use especially with blogger.com feeds.

Dee said...

I had the same issue a few days back trying to see if my blog feed worked. But today it seems fine, so not sure.

Tine said...

Thanks guys. I agree with Merv, I observed that the Blogspot feeds are always slower than the rest. No wonder it's free lah :p