June 16, 2007

When Driving Becomes Shiok

Even when cruising at 100kmph, when the speed limit is only 80kmph (technically, it's already breaking the law, but hey, since when has it bothered motorists? Yep, welcome to Malaysia, folks.), there will ALWAYS be impatient idiots on the road who'd drive a lot faster, weaving in and out of other vehicles, overtaking as many as possible (rushing to reincarnate, is it?!).

Those are the type of drivers which I hate the MOST. As if the weaving in and out isn't enough, they'd drive so close to you, till they're practically tail-gating you. And when you switch lanes to let them pass, these idiots have the audicity to drive past you, look over and glare at you as if you're the one at fault!

BUT, there isn't anything more satisfying than, as fast and reckless as these losers drive, with the weaving in and out, they'd eventually be stuck in between two much slower vehicles, and they have no way of coming out. And there ya go, cruising along a good and nice speed, driving past them, taking in their look of frustration, with the smuggest look on your face. Woohoo!

Really, 101% PURE satisfaction, folks *grin*.


Gallivanter said...

Yes, that is highly satisfying. I usually point my finger and laugh at them when I drive by. :-P

Tine said...

Gallivanter: Oh how I agree with you. Everytime I drive pass these idiots, I'd be like "MUAHAHAHAHA!!" :p