June 12, 2007

Reality Check

Being away from the office for two weeks really puts how crappy work was for me into perspective. I went back to the office yesterday (yeah, didn't take the day off as intended; too much job-unrelated work to settle, if you know what I mean), and BAM! Big reality hit. Kinda makes the past two weeks seem surreal.

Work's piling on big time, and it's going to get worse for the next three months. Sigh. Every day, it reminds me of how much I hate my job. Double sigh. It's only my second day back at work, and everything's already giving me headaches.

Anyhoos, I might not be able to post as often as before, but I'll try my best. I know, I still have photos and such to show, and that's a promise :) I also have 2 weeks plus worth of ALL your blogs to catch up on, so do forgive me if I do not comment. I'm still here :)

A break from my break. Yep, I reckon that's what I need.


Jemima said...

Take your time, my dear. We all understand la. :)

Besides, work, you've got other things to do - especially your wedding preparations.

Take care ya. :)

Paris said...

The coming back to work after a holiday syndrome is always awful. You just want the holiday to go on and on right? Take your time, am sure things must be piling up

zeroimpact said...

I know what you mean
I just stay away for the weekend and it is hard for me also, knowing the coming six months would be filled with work pilling up faster than can be done
Hope you will clear off your work soon and then you can take another break