June 29, 2006

13 Things That Annoy The Crap Outta Me

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In no particular order,

1. The food in my company canteen - they're ridiculously overpriced for the crap they obviously are.
2. Lizards which doesn't cling onto the ceiling properly and suddenly decide to drop on your freshly washed hair after a shower.
3. Malaysian drivers. Enough said.
4. Sudoku. All right, I can't figure out the damn game, but at least make it fun enough to last at least 5 minutes!
5. Scratched DVDs - this is absolutely shit especially when you're watching the last episode of the last season of Sex and the City, and the DVD decides to die on you when you have about 20 minutes of the show to go.
6. Roadkill - can't even look at 'em.
7. Apologising for something which I didn't do wrong.
8. PMS. Argh.
9. Malaysian heat and humidity. Makes my hair frizzy, makes me cranky ... I shouldn't even be here.
10. Those annoying insects which suddenly appear after a heavy rain. They fly into your soup, into your clothes, and the mean ones bite! I mean, where the hell do they go when the weather's fine?
11. Going to Japan. How many times do I have to repeat, it's work, damnit.
12. Walking on wet roads with only flip-flops on - my calves get wet from the sloshing water. Who knows where the water came from?! Ugh.
13. Baked beans. Never liked 'em, never will.

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