June 13, 2006

Damn, I Need To Go On A Diet

Oh gosh I feel like such a heifer. I've been eating so much these days, it's scary. It's far different from what I used to it in Japan. My dinners in Japan consisted mainly of tofu, mostly steamed (I was too lazy to cook anything fancy). I think I lost weight then, but I gained the kilos back, and now, I'm feeling absolutely wretched. Bea dahlink, I SO understand how you feel. I now have the tendency to have a bit of chocolate after every meal. This is bad.

I desperately need to go on a diet! I've got weddings to attend, and an upcoming holiday, and I need to be trim. Perseverance is such a bitch.

That's it. Starting tomorrow, no more greasy breakfast, lunch or dinner, smaller portions of food, no more chocolate, and EXERCISE. People around me, you've GOT to help.



beetrice said...

Haha..extremely futile, ma dear - parents and friends have a sneaky tendency to tempt you with food the SECOND you go on a diet..*sigh*

We'll probably have to check into a 'fat camp' when we get back from BKK..arrrgghh!! (but hopefully all the walking around shoping will avert that disaster)..*fingers crossed*

misery said...

do you know that you put on weight when you exercise? yup..you put on weight coz you eat more when you exercise...takes a few months before you start losing THAT weight..and another few months to actually lose the weight you had before. So..good luck, yea? ;)