June 28, 2006


Okay, for some bloodyass reason, my post about the previous weekend disappeared. I definitely did NOT delete it, and it was certainly in the blog for a couple of days, before it disappeared! I mean, WTF?! Did someone just pull a Xiaxue on me?! @#$%!!



I've been feeling really sluggish lately. Most likely it's because of the great lack of exercise. I keep putting my yoga off, which is not good, considering the fact that the gym's only a 3-minute drive from my house. Plus I had a wakeup call from a colleague today, who commented about my putting on weight (a male colleague, goddamnit!). Something MUST be done, people!

Anyways, I've taken to doing quite a bit of walking in the evenings. After work, I'd walk 5 rounds around my neighbourhood. It's not just flat ground I'm walking on; there's quite a bit of a slope going on there too. And after dinner, I continue with some sit-ups and butt clenches *grin*. I need to look fabulous for my friend's wedding in September. Three months of hopefully what I'd call a diet, and exercise, should do the trick.

Fingers crossed, I'd lose that bloody weight in three months. If not ... oh what the hell, there's always the muumuu.

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