June 13, 2006

My Second Football Game (Yeah, I Could Go On And On)

I just discovered that I *gasp* don't hate football all that much after all.

I actually sat through yesterday's Australia vs. Japan match without complaints. In fact, I thought the match was bloody good! Sure, Australia won, blah blah blah (hey, it's only because the Japs were tired, k?! Okay, no prizes for guessing which team I was supporting), but still, the three goals by Australia at the last 10 minutes of the game was brilliant. Nothing fancy, of course; it's only because it was a hell lot more interesting than the very-dull English game.

Oh man! France and Brazil will be playing after midnight; I definitely won't be able to catch those matches. Hey, nothing, I repeat, NOTHING stands in the way of my sleep. Well, unless I get something VERY good in return for the lack of sleep *winketty wink*.

Alrighty then, next match - South Korea vs. Togo. This had better be worth my two hours.

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