March 20, 2008

Daytime Telly, You're My Friend (Dan Lain Lain)

Being a bit of a lazy arse today, thus lumping all updates into one entry. We've also officially exceeded our broadband bandwidth, so the connection is worse than a bloody dial-up. Better to get all this out in a go before the bandwidth finally dies on me.

After much deliberation, Tim and I have decided to not move out of our current shared abode until after his exams. It was actually my suggestion. Ironic, isn't it, since I was the one who was making so much fuss about it? What to do, one's got to be practical. At this point, with the bad home-buying market in Australia just now, it just isn't feasible for us to jump right into it. Even home rentals have gone up. Anyways, Tim does not need the distraction now, not before his exams. After the exams in August, then we'll see from there.

Please remind me of the practicality of our decision again if I do start moaning about it once more. I know I will. It isn't easy, y'know, what with us being newly-weds and all. Gah.


On the job front - still nothing. Resumes have been sent out, and so far, it's been rejection after rejection. It's getting pretty frustrating. I'm placing all this into the Lord's hands. I have faith that He'll pull me through this.


In order to fill up my time, I've been trying my hand at cooking and, for the very first time, baking. The last time I actually helped to bake something was 6 years ago, when I was still a university student, helping my housemate at baking cakes (gotta help if I wanna eat 'em).

Made a batch of 12 triple chocolate chip muffins yesterday. It came out just the way as I like my muffins, crispy on the front, and soft inside. Yum yum.

Triple Choc Muffins


I just love how dramatic Americans can be. But then again, hours and days of infomercials, Dr Phil and Oprah can do something funny to your mind. (o_O)


I'm f**king hooked to f**king Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. You the man, yo!


The long Easter weekend starts tomorrow (till Monday), and the weather forecast for the weekend's good. YAY! Not able to do any stay-over trips though because everything's fully booked. Reckon we'll do a day trip, like to Yarra Valley or something. See how lah.

PS: By the way, this is my 500th post. Wah


Leyenda said...

Sweet! Congrats on the 500th post. That's a pretty remarkable achievement.

Don't you worry, the house and job will come. They'll have to if you expect Alison and I to come and visit anyway. ;)

beetrice said...

Heehee...congratzie on the 500th post..gee it's been a while!!

The muffins look good...altho they look suspiciously like the Cadbury ones... :p

Jemima said...

500th!!! WOW!
Looking forward to your next 500. ;)

Have a Blessed Easter to you & Tim.
Stay safe when on the road.


lingzie said...

wow!! congrats!!!
and those muffins look gooooooddddd.........! yummy!

and yes i am also hooked onto Gordon's kitchen nightmares. :P

happy holidays! and best of luck...with the job and the house.

littleComma said...

wow ... the muffins made me droooooll ... looks so yummy ! can share recipe ka?

giddy tigress said...

daytime, nighttime, anytime telly is a good for me. Yup, and addict that's what I am...tee hee.

Tine said...

Leyenda: Hehe, thanks. And yes, you and Alison definitely have to come visit. We should have a place of our own by then ;)

Beetrice: No lah. Cadbury ones expensive. Another brand. HAHAHAHAH!!

Jemima: Thanks, my dear. Happy Easter to you too :) *hugsies*

Lingzie: Thanks! Gordon Ramsay's such a hoot, isn't he? Foul mouth and all :p

Littlecomma: Err cake mix, eggs, milk and oil? Bluffed y'all, didn't I? Tee hee hee! :p

Giddy Tigress: Hear hear from a telly addict too! :p

pelf said...

I love muffins! :D And yours looked delicious! :D